Day intermediary: Alphabe of cereal song parent company surmounts an apple to become global market prise top firm

Login register intermediary of day of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian: Does Alphabe of cereal song parent company surmount an apple to become global market prise: of top company source? Comfort?2016-02-03 08:5 of cangue  ⑼Edition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 3 Http:// channel [summary] on Feburary 1, the changeover of total market prise made fun of to still appear greatly additionally one act.

Day intermediary says, the United States appears on the market enterprise the money newspaper December released ~ in October 2015 greet a climax, from the point of the circumstance that already released, the apple is handed in in the fact gave first place of world of total market prise, and Alphabet of cereal song parent company replaces.

Malic company (data picture)

The report will say network of Japanese economy news on Feburary 2, alphabet trades in the American stock market Feburary 1 release after time money newspaper will show ~ in December in October, achieve double growth of sale and profit, outstanding achievement is impeccable. Be in dish before dish hind in trading, share price rises quickly. With 1 day dish in photograph of trading closing quotation price is compared, go up exceed 8% for a time. On the other hand, closing quotation of malic share price drops about 1% .

Occupy statistic of company of index of mark general Dow Jones, be in those who end 1 day dish in when trading, the total market prise of two companies all is left and right sides of 530 billion dollar, equal. Alphabet is less than the apple 14 billion dollar. If consider dish before dish hind trading impetus, on Feburary 2 dish in changeover happens to become big

probability event in trading.

The apple surmounted oil on total market prise 2011 tycoon dust overcomes Sen Meifu. The enlarge that the growth of fascia commodity IPhone and stock counter-purchase made contribution greatly, there is chief thro

ne from beginning to end almost later.

Serious menace of its throne is 2015 the change of Chinese market. Malic stock turned 2015 to drop. The PER that indication future growth anticipates (share price yield) for 10 times the left and right sides, fall to market average the following.

Heard Dimukuke's explanation? This is too bad also, the money bulletin that issued on January 26 also makes the market greatly disappointed. The apple is presiding apparitor (CEO) Dimukuke signs up for the press conference after the news briefing to go up in money, the circumstance that says to never was experienced in the past is in anyplace occurrent, this caused market controversy. Cooke says: Brazil, Russia, Japan, Canada, southeast Asia, Australia, Turkey, Europe. Economy is in decelerate, express self-confidently at the same time: Below this kind of situation, the apple shows scene. Morrow, malic share price drops 6 % .

On Feburary 1, the changeover of total market prise made fun of to still appear greatly additionally one act. That is the changeover of Facebook and dust gram Sen Meifu. Money newspaper will show the 10 ~ of Facebook in December, net profit is achieved go up 2 times of year of the corresponding period, add to 1.562 billion dollar.

Expression of Facebook outstanding achievement is driving, the result makes do not hope beautiful couplet store (FRB) this fun word is in the money newspaper news briefing that sees Facebook American economy kind in the TV program wide to circulate. The total market prise of this Facebook that Zhou Ying will come to to found the 12nd year reachs 320 billion dollar, expand to about 1.5 times of Feng Tian.

Gao Chengzheng is being recommended have can bear add the good financial standing of breath, and in the stock with American huge sale. David takes an examination of this company politic analyst although be immersed in economic depression,Si Ting thinks, also can achieve better investment result, brought into Alphabet and Facebook recommend stock list.

The crude oil with because of the change of economy of rising market country demand lack of power growth and resource concept by capital stay at a respectful distance from sb. On the other hand, the software such as the service that also has tremendous growth space in the developed country grows engine to be expected as what replace the hardware such as portable terminal.

Of course, the apple uses the turnover of terminal, enlarging the sale of the software such as video, music and applied process sale. Mosikeweici represents mark of analyst of Ba Kelai bank: Serving the sale of the domain to expand is an apple those who become service company is augural. Have appeal to long-term investor. The apple should recapture chief throne, be necessary to respond to such expectation probably.

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