Day assemblyman says to comfort install Fu to be professional street walker river wild ocean makes the same score batch of its disqualification

[round-the-world net reports integratedly] according to Han Lian the company reported on January 14, japan from civilian party representative Yingtianyixiao expresses 14 days, comfort installing Fu is professional street walker, and they are publicized to be prey all the time. To this, magisterial river wild ocean averages house of the official before Japan criticall

y say,

as the politician, yingtianyixiao already disqualification.

When river wild ocean makes the same score 14 days to speak of Yingtianyixiao, say frankly say, its comfort speech of the problem that install Fu is very undeserved.

Before this, in Han Ri two countries reachs Guan Weian last month when Fu agreement, river wild ocean makes the same score assist its are first-rate idea, say two countries head is having very good make a decision.

On the other hand, to Yingtianyixiao's speech, japanese political field also gave critically. Hold the position of chairman of association of day Han amicability from civilian party representative river village builds a husband to express to understand hard to this speech. Delegate of the Democratic Party grows wife clear to undertake admonitory to Yingtianyixiao, stating premier already mentioned Han day agreement is not reversible. (The exercitation compiles: Zhang Jiamin goes over a manuscript or draft: Li Xiaofei)


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