Chinese development business is high-key march Australia 80 million bay yuan Sydney buys the land (graph)

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In report occupied new network on January 11 new fast network reports Australia, limited company of abroad group of China of Chinese development business (China Overseas Holdings) is high-key march bound of Australia real estate, with 80 million bay yuan buy next Sydney north Mai Kaorui park (the residence of a 5022 square metre develops Macquarie Park) ground. This group headquarters is located in Hong Kong, it is value the China of 43 billion builds project head office (the subsidiary of China State Construction Engineering Corporation) , in Macao, Hong Kong, chinese mainland and London a lot of areas have development project.

University of luck of wheat take an examination ofing 80 million sell China quickly to develop business this (picture origin: " Australia finance comments on a newspaper " )

What sell land for building this is Mai Kaorui university (Macquarie University) . This ground is called Parklands, be located in the 137-143 date of Herring road, be located in the corner of Herring road and Epping road, build at present have 4 old-style apartment block, use as student dormitory. These old buildings will be demolished, may build 280 boarding house.

The total floor area of this place may be achieved 22, 599 square metre, also can make the region retail with commercial apartment. Its 3 large crucial dominant positions depend on, draw near Mai Kaorui university, railway station (line of northwest of prospective Sydney subway here of by way of) with bazaar of Mai Kaorui center.

The housing demand near park of luck of wheat take an examination ofing lasts tall look forward to, because a lot of workers go to work in the large company headquarters around, for example Microsoft and Fuji Shi Le, so group of Toga of large development business, greenbelt (Greenland) and garden of green jade laurel (Country Garden) scrape the ground here.

China develops business greenbelt to will take an examination of the Lachlan's Line of lucky park to buy two super land for building in wheat last year in November, will make a cost 800 million bay yuan mixture project. By Singapore group of far east of large development business (the Toga o

f back up of Far East Organization) is in Mai Kaorui park and Mai Kaorui center to also have two residences project.

The Lai heart garden that garden of laurel of Chinese green jade will establish to have 800 ring house by Microsoft (Ryde Garden) . (Xu Xiaoyan)

(Original title: Chinese development business is high-key march Australia 80 million bay yuan Sydney buys the land)

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