Bhutan princess is pregnant according to exposure: Abdominal apophysis and king appear intimately (graph)

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By outside the Bhutan of the Williams that intermediary calls a the Himalayas and Kate is kingly, princess was announced to be pregnant on January 4 abdominal ridgy photograph, two people appear before media intimately, taking still the young prince in the abdomen.

Bhutan king and princess

The photograph is sent to be on the national website of Bhutan, two people sit in east below a palace of Bhutan, it is the more than arteries and veins of the the Himalayas rear. Kingly this year 35 years old, queen is 25 years old, two people wear the traditional dress of Bhutan, for their dragon princely arrival has made preparation.

King and queen married in October 2011, according to the report, this new kingly exceeding fashionable, he also is concealed none to communal circumstance and queen beautiful conjugal love, this astonished the standpatter of Bhutan for a time.

Last year in November the middle ten days of a month, gram of Hunan of flourishing of Er of Ye of Mu of accept of Er of Sa of Mei Kai of case of Bhutan king auspicious announces he will have a young prince to be born, predict to

produce period be b

orn in what around of New Year of next month lunar calendar used by the Zang nationality can greet a son.

Bhutan is located in a the Himalayas to surround in, be known as flying Long Zhiguo. Member of the royal family on the tradition is called descendant of dragon a group of things with common features, this young prince is not exceptional also, had not been born to be considered as small Long Ren. According to the report, till 1999, bhutan royal family just is allowed to appear on TV, and the photograph that queen is pregnant now travels on Internet is god-given more see.

(original title: Bhutan princess pregnant appears intimately according to exposure and king)

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