Because Zimbabwe figures a death penalty without position of person of carry out a death sentence by on the shelf

Comprehensive report occupies round-the-world net Russia satellite network on January 14 message, zimbabwe deferred the execution of several capital punishment, because be in,this country does not have person of carry out a death sentence.

According to the report, this message is informed on the front courtyard careful of constitution court, the person of a few capital punishment that be sentenced expresses dissa

tisfaction to the court. These capital punishment make say, they are locked up for a long time to be in prison house of a criminal awaiting f

or execution, human rights is encroached. These person requirements become their capital punishment change the original sentence life imprisonment.

In process of front courtyard careful, public prosecutor admits, this position is done not have in this country, also do not have a person to apply for. Accordingly, had not made about the court decision of the case.


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