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Si Woni of ABC female supervise the manufacture of

According to daily Post report, ABC (ABC) a female supervise the manufacture of is in Latin America last week during national Belize goes vacationing, be missing, be discovered in the future on river of cadaver of half naked float, authorities suspects to before she dies, ever was encroached by the gender.

Wear injury of bust all over the body only

Siwoni of 39 years old (Anne Swaney) the executive supervise the manufacture of that runs on net of ABC specific responsibility, she arrives at Belize 9 days this month (Belize) Nabatunich Resort goes vacationing area, last week 4 (14 days) because fail to participate in equestrian activity, then instead is taking gem gal to fill up Mo Pan river (Mopan River) around do gem gal. The tourist guide discovers in river side subsequently its gem gal mat, but cannot find her, call the police then. Police expedites search dog to search for, discover river of cadaver of Si Woni float to go up in the morning the next day, facial ministry is gadarene, wear a bust only at that time, bruise is comple

tely on the body, include head damaged and cervical bruise. Local fuzz expresses, suspect Siwoni last week 4 finish in the morning encounter after gem gal piece, invade by the gender, she is cervical have apparent scar, show she is likely by strangle or once struggled.

ABC makes a statement, weighing Siwoni is a company first full-time website employee, praise her to assist ABC to develop in digital news industry, she is an affable person, often smile and manner front.

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