3 convict use beautiful jail nobody discover large hole of escape from prison of iron rod dibble

Last week 5, the prisoner of 3 be in custody goes a large hole in the authentic on the wall of prison house, the escape from prison of successfully central man jail from county of orange of American California city. Recently, local police published the photograph of prison house. Letting what the person feels fab is, so large hole leaves to go up in the wall, unexpectedly unmanned discovery.

Police says, the metope of iron rod excavate that 3 convict grow with 0.5 inches, a channel leads to gouge the housetop of unmanned monitoring. Then, 3 people slip from the housetop with 4 tall buildings down cord the ground. The convict joining a body that dress orange returns when their escape from prison is taken, and usable without other vehicle.

After convict escape from prison, california authorities launched big raid to them south. 3 convict are final in the jail appearing is last week 5 early morning 5 when. This is the escape from prison of elaborate scheme. They perhaps are in a few weeks before, started work before a few months even. Spokesman of orange county police says.

" los angeles times " the report says, last week 5 evening 8 when make, happened to conflict together inside the jail, this pe

rhaps is the one share that 3 people escape from prison plans. This conflict suspended the work of number of jail check the amount. Still not be c

lear that how 3 convict acquire tool of escape from prison at present, how do they sheer an examination again.

In 3 escaped criminal, a man for 20 years old is concerned probably with faction, he ever shot to be accused to murder blame and intentional killing blame to residence of one place dweller. Another 37 years old of men are accused to kidnap, mistreat, sedition and theft. 3 prison breaker are extremely dangerous convict.


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