Syrian girl rejects to wear babushka to send refugee camp large-scale conflict

Recently, about 100 refugees are in camp of Belgian a refugee is insurgent, this ground refugee originates Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq are emigrant. Riot fuse is girl of a Syria reject to wear scarf, the refugee that caused other place is malcontent, the refugee that performs melt into finally to come from different area is mutual conflict, riot.

Be in conflict center, one rejects the young Syrian girl that wears scarf, the specific aim that is lasted several days in refugee camp by Afghan refugee censures. The Syrian defends for her, aroused the conflict of whole refugee camp finally however, broom of ash-bin, chair is used between the refugee, even bludgeon is atttacked each other.

Requirement female wears scarf, it is the measure with a few mandatory countries. Spokesman of local Red Cross expresses to the reporter, 3 two Afghan aim at a young girl several days, because she is done not have,wear scarf all the time and critically. Eccentric is, there also are several schoolgirls to did not wear scarf in refugee camp, but be aimed at a girl only.

This conflict cent is two cliques, the Syrian stands in the girl here, across is the refugee of Afghanistan

and Iraq, this large-scale affray shar

es 11 people to be arrested, 7 people are injured.


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