Police of federal of budgetary inadequacy Brazil suspends extending new passport

In new network report will sign up for network coverage according to South-American live abroad on June 29, brazilian federal police expresses before this, because lack immigrant,time-out extends new passport, brazil is dialed to its surely definitely subsequently federally hair 102.4 million black abstruse capital.

Federal police local time 27 days of evening 22 when announce to suspend extending new passport, and do not have announce predicted new and open time. Federal police expresses, the new passport that applies for before this day will extend normally.

"The service as usual of online application passport undertakes, the reception of federal police orders normal also operation, but cannot anticipate now when can just

extend new passport. " federal police says in announcement.

Because the budget had reached the amount that national budget act sets, to continue this serves, the government needs to promulgate temporarily the law perhaps revises law.

Express federally subsequently, will dial to federal police hair 102.4 million black abstruse the problem that capital will come to to solve a passport extend. Brazilian plan, development and administrative department express, passport application and extending service will continue.

Allocate funds to can come true, federally 28 days had presented 150/2017 date law to congress, the requirement has complement to the budget 2017, enlarge the forehead to spend. Plan ministry still expresses, because

the issue is more critical, had combined committee chairman to had undertaken negotiation with the budget, can undertake polling to the law inside this week.

"Those who need ambitious shift is, enlarge budgetary forehead to spend do not restrict on behalf of the main defray that can break new finance system to build, also won't affect the implementation of primary profit target. " plan department says.


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