Korea shows 7 doubt to be like stockaded village to block case of illness 4 people show negative 3 people are in the examination

Ground of Korea home in quick succession produced stockaded village to block virus doubt to seem case a few days ago, e

pidemic prevention case is increasingly severe.

Korea disease manages cadre to will say on Feburary 3, receive 7 stockaded village to block virus doubt to seem case in all at present, academy of national health care is undertaking affirming checking to this. Among them 4 already thought truly electronegative, the others still is 3 among the examination, check a result to be announced today.

Han intermediary discloses, considering winter this environment, the possibility that seeming a patient to present masculine gender in 3 doubt that accept an inspection should not very big. The examination will carry genetic gene or from inside blood the means of detached virus undertakes diagnostic, whole check out procedure needs 2

4 hours at most.


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