Iranian army performs test-fire to count a ballistic missile United States to say not to violate Yi nucleus agreement

Will report on March 8 according to Iranian media, iran counted a ballistic missile in the test-fire in a sham battle that day, this maneuver in Iranian churchyard many areas spread out at the same time, but the position that the report did not point out specific emissive place. American the White House and the State Council say Iranian this action does not violate Yi nucleus agreement, but the United States will is opposite incident makes the appropriate after evaluating answer.

Iran is Mohammedan revolutionary armed escort makes a statement say, these experiments showed deterrence strength of Iran. This action aims to protect Iranian state sovereignty and territorial integrity, promotion answers minatory ability.

According to BBC report, iranian nation TV station reports in 8 days newest missile launchs an experiment when, broadcasted nightly emissive picture, say that is a Qiam-1 missile. Chief of branch of Iranian country space navigation says, missile scored a hit the target outside 700 kilometers.

BBC points out, although this kind of missile from theoretic say to be able to carry nuclear warhead, but Iran claims their missile is used completely at

groovy deterrence. Iranian respect expresses, they have range the ballistic missile of 2000 kilometers, can hit the martial target that Israel and U.S. Army are in middle east area.

According to report of Xinhua News Agency, ernest of spokesman of American the White House expresses on the routine press conference that day, this is not disobeyed (Iran) nuclear agreement. But relevant investigation still afoot, after be evaluated to incident, whether does the United States just report the decision U.N. Security Council.

Ernest expresses, if Iranian missile trial fire violated resolution of U.N. Security Council, iran will bear a few consequence.

In addition, spokesman of American the State Council stalks or branch than also expressing at 8 days, if Iranian missile trial fire gets confirming, this also does not violate Yi nucleus agreement. Nevertheless, he warns Iran, the United States won't be right this turn a blind eye to.

Iran and Yi nucleus problem 6 countries (the United States, England, France, Russia, China and Germany) will manage Yi nucleus problem on July 14 last year comprehensive agreement.

Last year on October 11, iran announces successful test-fire ballistic missile plays an intermediate range, say test-fire activity and nuke have nothing to do. American the White House makes known his position publicly to say subsequently, feel anxious to this one b

ehavior, think this action disobeys U.N. Security Council to concern resolution. U.N. criticises its disobeyed Security Council to concern subsequently prohibit Iran undertakes activities of any as ballistic as what can carry nuke to concern missile, include to use ballistic missile technology to have the 1929th emissive resolution. But Iran is refuted say, the test-fire of ballistic missile and nuke have nothing to do.


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