Intermediary says outside " briefs police " exasperate people: Italian heavy fist is treated lazy politics

Reference news net will report Germany on Feburary 1 " bright mirror " weekly website published a problem to be on January 25 " the police that wears briefs only sometimes is enough " the report says, a police is wearing the T-shirt and briefs only when leaving abode this changed Italy. Although he is affirmative,do not hope such.

This by Liguliya the business that the policeman of employ of municipality of Lei Mo of emperor of large area small town did a lot of Italians only actually: He fooled oneself boss. Same as usual, he is in early to the sign in of the unit greatly, the check on work attendance that takes out oneself from inside the drawer gets stuck, like hitting card to go to work to fall with most circumstance punctual. Next he comes home again slept a little while. Because of him the home is on the side of the unit, so he did not change clothes to go out. Wearing a pajama, he later is so him appellation of attire.

Foolish is, his ranger colleague and financial police installed a secret to photograph over like the head. Then they saw this one act first, next the evildoing that whole Italy saw the service personnel that wears indelicate civilian clothes through media. Actually this kind of behavior is in the past and present Italy are very common. On 1000 service personnel that work in town, ministries and commissions, hospital and school handle working hours at will, motive is very diversiform. For example, some doctors work to private clinic inside working hours, it is dozen of black worker worker of course. The nurse of medical treatment industry and technical personnel also like to earn extra income. Service territory goes and are the person that make fun of petty trick and slug everywhere now, former seek expedience and other of not large take into account, latter auxes would rather phreatic water also does not wish to work.

Use a staff member commute time arrives accurately minute Zhong Ye of check on work attendance did not bring a change. After or hits card to go to work, leave instantly, or and colleague prattle leave again after 10 minutes, the nature when leaving did not play card. If live a few more farther, work in the same place to play card for you please.

The staff member's departure caused huge pecuniary loss. The corridor that needs the people that handle affairs to be in agency of city hall, hospital, government and school is withered sit several hours, waste oneself working hours and business hours, the reason is staff member as it happens crouchs in oneself of public place of entertainment, prong garden or pursue the 2nd job illegally. The emergency call of the hospital recieves ability to be able to break down sometimes. Administration examines and approve time-consuming a long time, administrative license applies for to be rejected in fact, because nobody works. The people that need handles affairs ats a loss what to do sometimes the ground loafs about on corridor, the door of office of valuable assistant both sides lock is worn door backside sky does not have one person. Flat cannot find the person that can tell the people where go to putting forward a request.

If the circumstance is too abominable, meet those who cause the people naturally complain. The mood of authorities becomes positive and undertake checking. Most examination result is very absurd. In Meixina, welfare housing allocates the absent when there are 81 people to check mound in superior in 96 employee of place. Fall ill without the person, off without the person. In Salainuo, 10 nurses are discovered in working hours immanent beach takes a walk. In Weibowalundiya, absent did not ask for leave when 17 hospitals working personnel checks mound in superior: Include doctor, nurse and administrator.

Local media is counting this matter of the attention inside day time continuously, procuratorial work mechanism launchs thorough investigation but later most investigation order slowly like a clay ox entering the sea-never to be heard of again.

Governmental estimation, be in nearly 7000 cases already finished has 200 cases only in the chasten proceeding to service personnel with experience thing person get the air end. Among them because be short of hillock often to get the air

,half the number is not, however because of serious irregularity or crime.

For the Italian with good-tempe

red to heart sex even if, the deformed picture of that police that wearing briefs is clear also too exceed what is proper: The figure of this country should not be such, we do not think such, we are not such. Enough.

This topic ferments quickly inside short number day, media reports slug and cheater with banner headline. Premier Mataiaolunqi is same as usual the smell that has acumen to the people's state of mind, he expresses great dissatisfaction instantly: The person that the check on work attendance that be discovered to abuse oneself on the spot or works in the same place blocks should be inside 48 hours by suspend sb from his duties and list of salary be givinged by eliminate. Experience thing person later 30 days of time use judicatory method to undertake plead in order to prove oneself are innocent. Harbor subordinate is con the sectional chief of behavior also should be punished from now on. The cabinet several days ago passed this one law. According to saying, this legal general with record-breaking speed become effective.

This police that comes from holy Lei Mo is punished naturally quickly. This city mayor announces, list 20 first agreement that get the air he of employee list will lose pay and job. The people that he also understands anger asks now what.

It is the person that this pitiful police does not understand him to will become figure of country of bring shame on now probably only.

(original title: Intermediary calls briefs police exasperate people outside: Italian heavy fist is treated lazy politics)


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