Appraise human rights observes an organization: Beautiful air attack causes 38 appraise civilian to die

Washington of China News Service Syrian authority observation will organize report 18 days to make a statement on Feburary 18 say, go two days inside, by the blow of U.S. Army dominant the League of Nations is in Mohammedan country 38 Syria civilian is caused to die at least in air attack. U.S. Army high level expresses with day, already spread out to evaluate and be investigated at this point.

Organization of Syrian authority observation makes a statement 18 days say, dur

ing 16 days come 18 days this month, the League of Nations breaths out a place of strategic importance to overcome province south and southeast ministry area to launch air attack many rounds to Syria, cause 38 civilian to die at least, include 2 3 children, women among them. Statement expresses at the same time, 35 Mohammedan countries the member also dies in air attack.

Ha Sai overcomes a province to be located in Syria, be apart from Mohammedan country the capital of consider oneself pulls calorie of about 200 kilometers. Under the control that should save major area to be in Mohammedan country at present. Media thinks generally, ha Sai overcomes a province to having important strategic sense, this province has many highway to be able to be led to play card, border town Sha Dadi is the supply key position with Mohammedan significant country all the time.

The message of respect of organization of observation of authority of Syrian of 18 days of cite weighs Reuter, in the past inside two days, the air attack of the League of Nations causes 15 civilian at least in Shadadi only die.

Commander of headquarters air force checks Lisibulang lieutenant general 18 days to air express on the meeting in video in the center of the United States, the U.S. Army notices concerned report, already spread out to evaluate and be investigated with respect to this matter. He expresses, the U.S. Army devotes oneself to to reduce civilian casualties from begi

nning to end.

Spokesman of beautiful the State Council stalks or branch to also express than that day, all the time since, the United States just takes what Syrian authority observes the organization is released seriously to concern the report of civilian casualties. If discover doubt is like the event that has civilian casualties to happen, beautiful square meeting launchs investigation.

(original title: The air attack of beautiful dominant is pointed to to cause 38 appraise civilian to die)


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