A large number of refugees stop predicament of defect of Greek border land fears erupting humanitarian crisis

In new network report will report 1 day according to central company on March 2, greek as attrib border as Majidu region collects thousands of cannot on north suffer difficulty civilian, have gloomy prospects the day freezes coldly, their elbow is contended for from compartment car rear the food that throws. U.N. warning, refugee of spurn of European each country is about to detonate humane crisis.

In muddy around field, bleak picture is seen when dawning, be hit by heavy rain in hundreds tent night wet, a lot of children cough very badly inside. Send can food and protect long lacteal compartment car is surrounded very quickly by masses, one sky is sent inside a few minutes.

A lot of refugees are in tiredly Greek as attrib border as Macedonian. Greek police dispatchs 23 days car accepts a refugee of more than 1000 Afghanistan from border area, these refugees will be found a place for be in capital Athens temporarily.

Afp report, the farad of 32 years old of women that

comes from Iraqi capital Bagdad says: We already waited 6 days. Food is insufficient, everybody is cheating us, we feel acedia.

A lot of people already were in Greek Yiduomeini (Idomeni) stays in much day near attrib border toll-gate, after spending endless and cold night, they awake below drenched canvas tent, the small cornfield of bubble water is all round.

Huoxini says the Syrian woman that has 5 children, her family freezes bad. Must await afresh again now


Organize without national boundaries doctor (MSF) assistance manages this area 1 in 2 battalion area, administrator points out, the cold inside battalion is very common, still have gastroenteritis case many cases. They are warned at the same time, tent and food in short supply.

Keluodeya, Saierweiya, Slovenian, Majidu and Austria begin to execute combination to register refugee mechanism recently. The country such as Ma Jidu expresses, register refugee mechanism to had shown the result jointly. The report says, the police of afore-mentioned countries is flowed into to the refugee undertook whole journey monitoring, limit the amount that the refugee enters a country everyday.

Enter a country as a result of Austria and restriction of state of the Balkan peninsula refugee amount, numerous refugee is in tiredly Greek with Ma Jidu border land. Greek government is warned, to next month, the number may increase amount to 70 thousand person.

U.N. refugee work is high commissioner government office (UNHCR) expresses today, already one hundred and thirty-one thousand seven hundred and twenty-four immigrant and refugee classics mediterranean arrive at Europe this year, the number surpasses the total of before 2015 5 months, exceed 120 thousand person to swarm into among them Greek, it is to escape mostly the Syrian refugee of flames of war.

On Feburary 24 message, recently, europe is multilateral continue to take a series of step, strengthen control refugee to swarm into. And thousands of refugee because journey suffocate suffocate, be in tiredly Greek. The graph is Greek - Majidu is attrib border, ma Jidu's police takes strict precautions against the refugee to swarm into.

The course of action when refugee arrange accuses government of European Union state answers refugee crisis is abhorrent, the affliction of abet and confused circumstances and refugee, warn say, europe is about to erupt is the humane crisis that he cause likely.

In Yiduomeini muddy border, apothecary of 30 years old of Syria blocks Layakesi to say: I am over there (Syria) lose everything, I did not have a wife, did not have a daughter, they died, die at bomb and war. I am here nobody joins, my life Gu single person.

You Saifu chokes with sobs say, escape after Syrian civil war, come to here however fall conflict. He says: We come to part of body of after this discovery the 2nd war.


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