The European Union extends 6 months to Russian economy punish, before this already extended punish deadline 3 times

Xinhua net Brussels on June 28 message, european Union board announces in a statement that day, think in view of the European Union the executive circumstance of Ming Sike agreement still is paid no attention to want, the economic punish that decides to lengthen pair of Russia again comes on January 31, 2018.

The European Union basically is aimed at finance, the sources of energy, matters pertaining to defense and the army and the people to Russian economy punish amphibious product domain. Its content includes: Orgnaization of 5 3 energy company, 3 defense company, state-owned finance reachs limitative Russia its basically accuse share company to enter an

European Union pr

imary with market of 2 class capital; Prohibit the European Union has weapon foreign trade with Russia; Limitative Russia gets the technology that involves the field such as oil exploration and production or service; Prohibit can using the army and the people that makes martial use to Russian exit amphibious product.

In July 2014, the European Union is made in Wu Kelan the eastpart part with Russia economic sanction is not implemented to Russia for stability. Will expand in September at of the same age subsequently economic punish content, extend punish deadline for many times. Russia was adopted to the European Union make step instead, basically include to restrict produce of entrance European Union.

Since 2015, the time that the European Union represents pair of Russia punish wants with Ming Sike agreement fulfil circumstance link up with. Ming Sike agreement is signed by Shikoku of heart, Russia, law, black, its are main the target is in black Kelandongbushi shows cease-fire. Because think Ming Sike agreement fails to get be executived completely, the European Union ever lengthened economic punish 3 times to come on July 31, 2017.


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