System of mail of British parliament phone affects by extensive network attack 9000 people

In report will report new net integratedly on June 26, system of British parliament email encounters extensive network is atttacked 23 days, the hacker lays the target the password of assemblyman and parliamentary staff member, try to inbreak email account. Commons spokesman expresses, the parliament already suspended long-range and online service, mail a system in order to protect report.

The report says, this network attack happens in 23 days early, attack is aimed at report of 9000 parliaments interior to mail network user, include assistant of 650 assemb

lyman, politics among them, electorate employee and official, ministerial member also is to use this system to handle electorate work.

British premier government office at this point second incident expresses, sha of premier spy bud? The plum did not use pa

rliamentary phone mail. Assemblyman worries about the discharge outside sensitive data. Expert warning says, if the report of assemblyman mails account to be succeeded to inbreak, may suffer blackmail, be faced with even fear raiding menace.

According to the report, this network attack lasted more than 12 hours. Service of parliamentary information science and technology is in charge of Greg to mail announcement assemblyman along with late report, show the parliament is sufferred " reach continuously violent " network attack, the hacker is aimed at the user with password inferior degree of safety, intentional post door, the parliament is cooperating with center of safety of British nation network, the attack method that investigates a hacker and make revise.

Assemblyman judges batch of parliament staff members to make an announcement in 10 hours of ability after the accident, response is slow, describe report to mail a system again as " not fortify " .


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