Support of America nation organization is Argentine to Maerweinasi archipelago dominion is asked for

In report will occupy new network on June 22 coverage of Russia satellite network, america country is organized (OAS)21 day expresses, argentina of this organization support is right Maerweinasi archipelago (England weighs a the Falkland Islands) of dominion ask for.

The report says, america nation organization says in the dispatch on gregarious website: "Congress of America nation organization adopts the statement that involves issue of archipelago of Yu Maer Venus consistently. " congress of America nation organization still supports England and Argentine government to restart controversy islands negotiates as soon as possible, settle way in order to seek the peace of the problem.


go of equestrian Er Venus (abbreviation " Ma Dao " ) be located in the Na Daxi vast water area to the south of Argentine Na Duan, be a

part from Argentina to make an appointment with 500 kilometers, be apart from British mainland to make an appointment with 13000 kilometers. The area makes an appointment with kilometer of 12 thousand square, amount to by Suo Lai (Dong Fuke orchid) , Damaerweina (Xifukelan) two big islands and composition of 200 many isles.

Ma Dao controls Pacific Ocean and Atlantic channel communications center, with antarctic mainland stand far apart facing each other, strategic position is very significant, the ground that world maritime power contends for is on the history. From England since actual 1833 occupational Ma Dao, flower A both sides is ceaseless to controversy of equestrian island dominion.

On April 2, 1982, flower A because of equestrian island dominion attributive problem erupts war, with England the victory ends. The Argentina after be defeated did not abandon the demand of pair of equestrian island dominion all the time, england rejects to undertake negotiating with respect to question of equestrian island sovereignty with A.


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