Spanish Madrid produces traffic accident of 15 cars barge against in all 14 people are injured

In report will occupy new network on June 16 Spain " Ou Hua signs up for " report, local time on June 14 afternoon, spanish Madrid blocks Sidiliya square produces traffic accident of 15 cars barge against, include 2 buses among them, the accident causes 14 people to get hurt.

Say according to eyewitness, the cause that causes this traffic accident is a bus control is lost when brake, produced collision with


he other vehicle of the course. After accident happening, the person that get hurt sends cure cure by orgnaization of SAMUR emergency treatment instantly, the person that majority is hurt has the symptom such as abrade, back, cervical ache, the person that at present already the part is hurt leaves hospital.

After accident happening, till that evening 20 when north of 30 minutes of Madrid blocks Sidiliya highway traffic as before very embrace. Municipal police must control A Situ Li Yasi highway and Kasidiliya the car amount of square, block Sidiliya to leave a lane alone on the road greatly through be in, alleviate the traffic pressure that this traffic accident brings.


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