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Local time on June 17, ambassador-at-large of problem of Chinese government Syria solves Xiao Yan to visit Syrian capital Damascus, had a talk with Syrian government official. After the meeting, jie Xiaoyan accepted the combination of Chinese media to interview, fear instead, the humanitarian to Syria comes to help and peace solved Syrian problem to undertake making known one's position.

Jie Xiaoyan fastens MiG of Xia Ban, as standing as Syrian president politics and news adviser deputy minister of foreign affairs to amount to sign of office of collaboration of heart, plan and international to grew Sabuni to undertake communicating when endowment, the middle east policy that introduced China and one belt all the way the relevant circumstance of forum of international collaboration height, and with respect to Syria relevant section exchanged current condition and Syrian government view. The main effect that appraise just admires China is developed on Syrian problem.

Jie Xiaoyan: Fear not due and double or multiple standard instead

When the progress that in refer current Syria just hits extreme organization to obtain each, jie Xiaoyan expresses, blow is terroristic be closely bound up of as other as Syrian problem side, terroristic it is human public enemy, each square not due and double standard, want to strengthen collaboration to undertake hitting however.

Ambassador-at-large of problem of Chinese government Syria solves Xiao Yan: International society should pa

y close attention to the topic for discussion that fears instead more, should have more collaboration, the collaboration of genuinely and sincerely, should form join forces to be o

pposite jointly terroristic undertake hitting, we should emphasize hitting namely there is not a choice when fearing, do not execute multiple double perhaps standard.

Jie Xiaoyan: Fang Weixu provides a large number of humane support in

Jie Xiaoyan expresses, china pays close attention to a Syrian civilian the anguish that suffer, already provided much humane support inside the limits of in one's power, will continue to produce effect.

Ambassador-at-large of problem of Chinese government Syria solves Xiao Yan: This area can restore peace to restore to stabilize, common people, especially those homeless people that become the refugee can return home finally to live the life with go up normal, hope Syria can progress of economic progress, society, common people can live superior life, this is a our main goal, so we all effort are around move this target.

Jie Xiaoyan says, after area of strong light class is installed, at present weak Syrian condition appeared to improve. China will continue play and crisis just communicate good unique dominant position each, the peace that promotes Syrian issue hard solves a process.

Ambassador-at-large of problem of Chinese government Syria solves Xiao Yan: I am special encourage opposition to want to participate in this process, want to sit to undertake negotiating with each truly, we also can do each square work, hope Syria can realize a nation to reconcile, final composition nation reconciles government.


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