Is sweet still smelly? "Dog defecate " desert heat sells price to be less than 1 dollar

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In report will occupy new network on June 27 outside intermediary report, the desert in cake inn always is lubricious fragrance completely, light is the appearance of multicoloured, attract a client to be in inn with respect to enough

enjoy oneself so much as to forget to leave. But Thailand rolled out recently " dog defecate " desert, did not think of wide also welcome.

"Dog defecate " desert. (picture origin: Afp)

Lai of dimension of Bangkok desert division 10 thousand say: "This is very strange, nobody makes the desert of dog defecate appearance, and people likes! " she uses coconut grandma, isinglass and edible pigment, make this blazing desert.

Wei Lai of 30 years old 10 thousand it is office worker, use the dicker that develops her on the weekend, she ever had tried several kinds of different models, the new desert of this ovation is made finally before a few months.

The guest asks " peculiar appearance " , rangweilai 10 thousand make " dog defecate " desert. (picture origin: Afp)

At the beginning, because the guest asks,be " peculiar appearance " , rangweilai 10 thousand determination make the thing that sucks eyeball. Her explanation says: "Major person has seen the figure of flower, so Thai feels this thing is interesting. So Thai feels this thing is interesting..

It is reported, "Dog defecate " the desert already became Wei Lai now 10 thousand the most welcome projects, can sell every months give about 1000, every price is less than 1 dollar.

"Dog defecate " the desert is mixed by coconut grandma, isinglass edible pigment make it. (picture origin: Afp)

Wei Lai 10 thousand also admitting is not everybody likes this new idea. She says: "I upload desert photograph to look to the guest to facial book... somebody likes, also somebody expresses not to like. Also somebody expresses not to like..

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