Install times trusted follower to expose to the sun again cropland of scandal assemblyman abundant is true by child be pointed to to be suspected of be being violated abusively to the secretary

Login register text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian to install times trusted follower to expose to the sun again scandal assemblyman Feng Tianzhen by child be pointed to to be suspected of violating origin: abusively to the secretary? Be not Nao?2017-06-24 15:4Edition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 4 Http:// channel

Japanese premier brings times advance one of 3 trusted followers Feng Tianzhen by child

[round-the-world net reports integratedly] Japan " daily newspaper is trendy " the report will say the magazine on June 21, currently hold the post ofin what was elected in the election 2012 the 2nd period Japan from civilian party congressman, be considered as Japanese premier An Beijin one of 3 trusted followers Feng Tianzhen by child, be suspected of abuse secretary and was brought to bear on to its by exposure recently violent, bearing of her words and deeds can say for " unprecedented beyond the mark " .

In Feng Tianzhen by child the office holds the position of policy secretarial a male reported her violence. Abundant cropland true You Ziceng is used hang clothes tree to beat this secretary brokenly, right addition of its fist foot, make get hurt on secretary face and contusion of left the upper arm. According to saying, this secretary handed over abdication to believe at will be on June 18 on conference of congress perio

d end.

This secretary writes on resignation letter: "Be violated to be at first on May 19, abundant cropland assemblyman roars to me, knock with iron pipe broken your head! Your daughter also won't feel well! I feel scared. To be ready for any eventuality, the following day I recorded the case in the car with IC recorder. The following day I recorded the case in the car with IC recorder..

" weekly is trendy " the recording that editorial of

fice took this paragraph more than 40 minutes. Recording recorded Feng Tianzhen by child to driving the secretary shout of car and violated evidence. It is recording character witness below:

Feng Tianzhen by child: "You a dead baldicoot! " " you are in what to do! " " you are in what to do!!

(Those who give out phut beat up sound)

Secretary: I am sorry... but, but I am driving...

Feng Tianzhen by child: "Either you! "Either you!!

Is Feng Tianzhen still recorded in recording by child abuse secretary " do you think dead? Like you broken bits of this kind of person does not have living value at all " , and daughter of secretarial of threaten of the word that put firm can encounter the evil-minded language such as rapist homicide demon. Feng Tianzhen by child deviate even changing pattern ground is abuse secretary. At present this secretary already handed over fall victim to declare to police.

" daily newspaper is trendy " the magazine is interviewed be informed, feng Tianzhen by child the office admits to bring to bear on to the secretary violent, hope to pass pay " solatium " will resolve this second episode. But right " rape murder demon " wait for content of one share recording to hold deny a manner. (The exercitation compiles: Zhang Zi contain goes over a manuscript or draft: Wang Huan)

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