"Facial book " new breakthrough of artificial intelligence research: The robot can negotiate can compromise

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In report will occupy new network on June 16 outside intermediary report, "Facial book " artificial intelligence researcher announced 14 days to have new breakthrough, can gift automation form or " robot " the ability that negotiate or compromises.

According to the report, researcher Louis and Baterui express, this new science and technology boosted existing capacity, innovation goes " can inference, chat the robot with the negotiation, these are to make personification completely the crucial step of digital assistant. These are to make personification completely the crucial step of digital assistant..

Data picture: Robot.

According to researcher, most robot or chatting robot heretofore chat briefly only or carry out dining-room to order an ability that waits for simple task.

But be in " facial book " in the form code of newest research and development, robot will can be opposite refer " be engaged in following other robot or mankind from A to Z negotiation, reach collective decision or result. Reach collective decision or result..

The report say

s, "Facial book " lab of artificial intelligence research (FAIR) group borrows by what estimate some article " value

" , and inference it just has how many value each to negotiating, make the robot has this kind of capacity.

Louis and Baterui say, "FAIR researcher innovation gives a lot of negotiation situation, ensure both sides cannot reach first-rate agreement at the same time necessarily. " but these robots also have method to drill hole. Below certain circumstance, robot " can pretend to be interested in article of a shotten at first, the kind that concession just can carry later is made ' compromise ' , and this also is effective negotiation strategy, people often is used. People often is used..

They say, this kind of behavior is not design by researcher, "However robot to try telesis, the method that oneself discover " .

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