Ecuadorian: Will continue to speak with London in order to solve A Sangji problem

In report will occupy new network on June 23 outside intermediary reports 22 days, aisipinuosa expresses Ecuadorian Foreign Minister, hide at to solve Ecuadorian the problem that is stationed in the Vicki of more than 5 years inside British diplomatic mission to decode father A Sangji, this country continues to have a conversation with England.

After A Sangji is caught by Ying Fangdai, b

ritish supreme court rules him extradite reachs Sweden. In June 2012, a Sangji hides into what be located in London during bail Ecuadorian be stationed in British diplomatic mission, achieve disaster subsequently square asylum license.

2012, a Sangji puts forward asylum to apply for to Ecuadorian authorities, the act

ivity that because he decodes a website in Vicki,afraid Sweden authorities meets goes to its extradite the United States. Ecuadorian be stationed in British embassy to be offerred to its nonsked take refugee, let its stay inside the embassy building of British London.

Aisipinuosa is in base release a message to say to the reporter more, held a series of negotiations with England, exchanged an opinion, the work that includes to be stationed in Ecuadorian ambassador with England meets, the with one of observer countries England on the congress of America nation organization that offsprings in bank represents a contact.

Express according to Aisipinuosa, the purpose of the negotiation is to search what be helpful for Asangji and assure its right to settle way.


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