Does England take off Europe: ? Does Mi of Wei of if of official of J an ancient nationality in China chant コ still will be plum of · of Sha of? spy thunder forced the king or emperor to abdicate by " " ?

After parliamentary vote a person of extraordinary powers bets failure, mei Zaibao of Sha of premier spy thunder defends England within the party leadership position appears shake. The word of minister of cabinet of British media cite reports, public feelings already notted allow Teleisha is in office between Mei Changshi, general of benefit of finance minister humble breaths out Meng Deying succession, wear dimension Davis partner with chancellery of the general affairs that take off Europe,

leader England finishs Ou Tan to sentence.

Teleishameiben the month is some earlier the political a person of extraordinary powers that moment issues courtyard vote in the parliament is betted in failure, be shown in London conflagration follow-up the expression on processing owes beautiful again, suffer doubt fully inside the Conservative Party. As Teleisha the plum suffers those who approve rate to drop, what finance minister Hammond obtains support to be climbed ceaselessly litre.

Teleisha since the plum appeared on the stage in July 2016, haing Meng Deceng is forced keep to the side stands, prepare phase of election of the courtyard below the parliament in the Conservative Party especially. The outside before this predict generally, after election of the courtyard below the parliament ends, hammond will be removed finance minister post.

However, the Conservative Party issues courtyard vote in the parliament medium not beautiful expression, your situation produces changeover. The prestige inside haing Meng Dedang gradually tall, your Teleishamei must abandon original idea, in cabinet Hammond stays in reorganizationing.

England " Sunday peaceful interview person

newspaper " the word of many ministerial chancellery reports 25 days of quote, hammond ought to replace Teleisha plum, davis of chancellery of the general affairs that take off Europe holds the post of deputy prime minister, form new government. Two people lead England together, be in office at least come to finished Europe 2019.

The ministerial chancellery that did not publish a full name says: He (Hammond) more more authentic than currently holding the post ofpremier. The figure of premier is damaged already badly, this makes a person regretful. People begins to think she no longer competent, we cannot wait for her to wait for two years again locally in this.

" Sunday peaceful interview person newspaper " return the word report of quote information personage, hammond thinks he can be competent premier one duty.

Nevertheless, also member of cabinet of ministry one's duty thinks, premier one duty should by replace of Davis of chancellery of the general affairs that take off Europe.

Teleisha plum office has not make a comment with respect to afore-mentioned reports. Teleisha the plum is formal this year in March hand over Ou Xinhan to the European Union. According to European Union law, european Union and British need are inside two years, finish Ou Tan to sentence.


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