Be about to install from the display vigour in managerial scandal times plan to discuss change plan of inter block cabinet

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In new network report will report 17 days according to day intermediary on June 18, congress of the 193rd routine of Japanese closes a meeting actually. Japanese premier brings times advance 3 for from school legal person " add plan lyceum " in setting vet newly to fasten the blow of the problem, weigh brace up government, after already beginning to discuss the summer, reorganization into travel cabinet with from civilian party leader layer human affairs is adjusted.

Data chart: Japanese premier brings times advance 3. Wang Jian of reporter of China News Service is photographed

According to the report, local time 19 days of dusks, an Beijin 3 will hold a press conference, elaborate about henceforth the idea of political power operation. Concerned cabinet reorganizations with from civilian party leader layer human affairs is adjusted, install times consideration to cooperate authority of exercise human affairs, highlight bad the way to deal with a situ

ation of modification constitution and children start going to a nursery, seek keeps centripetal force.

Human affairs is adjusted on, add with processing plan the government-owned room that the problem concerns is magisterial Songyeboyi, place achieves

appearance of science of department of Jian Yiwei, language unripe take on Shanbenxingsan whether be reappointed consecutively makes a central point. From a secretary in charge of sth of civilian party representative long Xiacunbowen ever expressed to will change inter block cabinet the earliest in August. The personage of another Ceng Renge an associate in office also points out " still have add plan the problem of lyceum, human affairs arrangement can decide earlier probably " .

The Tokyo that will send plan bill on July 2 parliamentary election outcome affects human affairs possibly also to arrange. Know what hundred zygote leads thing small pool " civilian the first meeting " hit " instead from civilian " banner, form both sides to be opposite war situation.

Data chart: ? Wang Jun of? of admire of Ke of travel law of V of  of  of superintend and director of neck of violet sigh of felt joint of bones is photographed

About Xiu Xian, install directive of times make known to lower levels, the requirement completes the specific plan from civilian party inside year. To sit a meeting will be centered before this party repairs constitution to advance headquarters to arrive by August, discuss how times put forward in " constitution " the 9th in write militia clearly the topic for discussion such as existence, the education that still includes higher education to wait is changed freely, the urgent situation clause when big calamity, the election that join a courtyard cancels " combine a division " .

Policy respect, decided economic finance operation is stricken this month in basic guiding principle, after afterwards work way is reformed, "The talent invests " was regarded as fascia policy. How times start going to a nursery of children of with a view to bad the way to deal with a situation and education are changed freely wait for brought government spending to expand, plan setting consider is specific the conference of plan. About be opposite overwork time installs the upper limit, working way innovation that strives to improve informal worker pay, draft to autumn temporarily congress submits relevant bill.

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