Answer guesthouse to be not worth Japan to plan to use You Lun during Tokyo Olympic Games

In report will occupy new network on June 29 day intermediary report, to answer Tokyo Olympic Games was mixed 2020 establishment of abstruse conference room is not worth incomplete problem, japane

se government holds discussion meeting 29 days, aim to come true make large You Lun long-term anchor is in Japan of haven " guesthouse You Lun " plan.

It is reported, japanese government should plan investigation to whether accord with this country " hotel industry standard " wait for active law, perfect law according to need or revise a system.

According to Japan ground transportation the province says, about " guesthouse You Lun " anchor ground, receivability is large and luxurious the Tokyo harbor of passenger ship and yokohama harbor will become await choose haven.

Discussion conference wait by company of hall of Japanese relevant province, local government, You Lun attend. Whether does the dining-room on the jural issue feature when regarding accommodation as establishment shipping, concerned boat collect the specific issue such as custom duty to will become negotiation target for eat.

According to Japan relevant personage says, "Guesthouse You

Lun " the practice alled alone 2014 agree Olympic Winter Games is mixed when Liyaoao carried 2016 also Ceng Youxian exemple.

As we have learned, japanese government put forward to visit day of tourist to expand to the target of 40 million to 2020, but the accommodation establishment inadequacy such as guesthouse is caused anxious. Predict to be in Tokyo especially the situation that the Olympic Games and incomplete can produce the tourist that visit day to be added suddenly during abstruse meeting, will intensify making for this government answer measure.


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