Air of water of Japanese university research and development is amphibious unmanned aircraft: Neither of travel of deep Qian Fei by accident

In report will occupy new network on June 19 day intermediary report, the water air that the lab of 3 rounds of prosperous history is pushing the associate professor that industry of grain of industry of society of graduate school of college of Japanese heart island learns to study a ministry to fly to still can dive not only is amphibious and small-sized the research and development of unmanned aircraft. Hopeful of this kind of unmanned aircraft applies at the biology in water of dam ageing and the investigation by the river, observation to wait.

According to the report, current test pilot is wide it is 55 centimeters respectively, 18 centimeters tall, use the unmanned mechanism that city makes work to become. The airscrew that lets rotate in sky rotates reversely can dive. Cistern or fluvial depth of water are slipped into to arrange two meters of place after unmanned aircraft was being finished to leave land in the experiment, rise to surface subsequently and take off.

It is reported, the start of research and development is more than 10 years ago. Below the guidance that many Zhi Gui of 2 grade are in the graduate student 3 rounds, begin to devote oneself to this project about 3 years ago. When 3 rounds of underwater watch for an opportunity that use examination dam lake in the help, feel " taking camera to be nodded to examination ground by ship, sink it in water again very not easy " .

He considers " if can operate direct dive remotely, underwater examination can become easy " .

The report still says, current task is to realize unmanned aircraft to make the same score quietly parallel to move in water. Unmann

ed aircraft is to pass the rotate speed that adjusts 4 airscrew to make airframe tilts, thereby around controls shift. But use as a result of float master piece in water, the airframe with parallel essential shift tilts can disappear slowly.

Benduodi gives improvement to suggest to say " the balance that hopes to adjust buoyancy and airframe

centre of gravity, the has self-correcting submergence depth function that makes " . 3 rounds think " if can it is good that submergence is in 10 meters to depth of water " , still embark in research be able to bear or endure the engine that gets briny salt grade.


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