Video of IS proponent gang is arrested personally now after German girl is missing one year

According to England " defend a newspaper " will report on July 19, german authorities is investigating an IS that in Iraq Masuer is arrested to arm element, this armed element doubt seems

the girl of 16 years old of Germany that is missing in the home before New Year. She ever was organized before this it seems that on the net by the extreme " Mohammedan country " (of IS) advertise and incendiary.

Is the girl called Lynda? Article plan Er, come from city of German Sa Ke Sen. Her parents is in after the daughter is missing before New Year, search hard all the time do not have mail message crowded however.

Last weekend the figure that the Jing in a paragraph of video of exposure shows doubt to be like Lynda, the girl with dishevelled hair and a dirty face that is arrested in the photograph. She is a of gang of proponent of a female of about 20 IS, this gang member comes from Russia, Turkey, Canada, Libyan and other places. How was this gang already measured to arrest with all one's strength by Iraq.

The inquisitor of Sa Kesen city states they are intensifying time investigating new evidence. Luolunci of a spokesman? Ha Ze tells to defend a newspaper: "Although acquire the connection with Iraqi respect very hard, but we are doing our best affirm be arrested whether i

s the girl Lynda. But we are doing our best affirm be arrested whether is the girl Lynda..

According to estimation, since Syrian civil war erupts, 930 people arrive at Syria from Germany, lynda is one of 3 people that Sa Kesen city is thought to had joined IS. (The exercitation compiles: Shen Chen goes over a manuscript or draft: Tan Liya)


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