Travel bus is near Peruvian capital to turn over 9 people die 25 people are injured

In report will occupy new network on July 10 outside intermediary report, local time 9 days of evening, a bus that holds a visitor is in Peruvian to turn over, cause death of at least 9 people, 25 people are injured.

Delegate of door of local Ministry of Public Health says, accident of transportation of road of bus of this double deck happens around Peruvian capital Lima, accident place is apart from presidential gover

nment office to make an appointment with 2 kilometers. It is reported, lisituowaer is overcome toward emperor before the bus carries a passenger hill, can see the city is panoramic from here.

Point out according to this branch, the likelihood wh

en bus happening accident overspeed.

The report says, there are Canada and Chile citizen in the person that hurt.


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