The White House publishs republic party duty to change regulating taxes of statement border land to be laid aside

The White House of electric United States will publish Washington of China News Service 27 days on July 27 the statement that republic party side reforms about tax system, say duty changes a target to include to reduce tax, increase American company competition ability to wait, border land regulating taxes is laid aside, relevant proposed law can be in the autumn is referred to congress this year. Statement still says, presidential Telangpu supports these duty completely to change principle and way.

This statement surprises by rice of chief of favour of luck of · of Boule prolocutor Paul, senatorial most party Economic Commission of country of Steven Munuqin of Er of Nai of · Mai Kang, finance minister, the White House.

Statement says, in Telangpu the leader falls, the White House and Ministry of finance already with ginseng is numerous group of trade of hundreds more than 200 assemblyman, basic level enters two courtyards to talk all right, listen to the opinion that they reform about tax system. Through recently of 3 months meet regularly, afore-mentioned 6 people think to wish jointly about what duty changes scene be existence, prepare to begin relevant legislative work by senatorial finance committee and committee of Boule raise the wind.

Statement says, the mission of afore-mentioned committee is the obtain employment that protects American, the American family that is plod creates more simple, fairness and small tax system. The core that duty changes a plan is to be American family to reduce tax, will make the tax rate of small company lower, make its can compete with big company, also lower the tax rate of enterprise of all United States at the same time, so that compete with foreign company. In the meantime, lower relevant tax rate as far as possible, encourage course of study of American company put up with and overseas profit to bring back

the United States.

Statement says, although we are right,the earnings growth that border land regulating taxes may bring undertook arguing, but we realize can have a lot of to it relevant uncertainty, because this decides to lay aside this one policy, in order to push tax system reform.

Statement says, the hope is relevant act can this year the autumn is obtained in two afore-mentioned committee pass and refer to ginseng is numerous two courtyards are discussed, in also hoping the the Democratic Party can share

relevant effort, come. Statement says, telangpu supports these duty completely to change principle and relevant way.


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