Suspect of case of Zhang Ying glume is sued formally family still longs to find the girl to fall as soon as possible

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In new network on July 14 report (Wu Geqin) local time on July 12, federal big jury decides American Illinois formally, sue be suspected of staking China scholar the man of Zhang Ying glume overcomes Lisitengsen. Family of Zhang Ying glume expresses to this gratified, still hope to find Zhang Ying glume as soon as possible.

Zhang Ying glume is missing in the beauty already superabundant in January, each investigation of cases of pair of Zhang Ying glume and seek the job still continueing. Check of 12 days of United States in square indictment also exposure the detail that more and case concern.

Left: Be suspected of kidnapping the suspect of Zhang Ying glume overcomes Lisitengsen. Right: Zhang Ying glume. Picture origin: Office of superintende

nt of Mei Ken county

Chapter family: Gratified the suspect is sued to long to be found as soon as possible jade-like stone clever

On July 12, a federal big jury sues Illinois formally suspect of case of Zhang Ying glume, prosecution accusation still is staking. Kelisitengsen appears in court next time will be in on July 20, had cancelled on the prejudication July 14 formerly.

The announcement middle finger that confederative inquisitor office gives out goes out, the suspect will still be continued to lock up during await trial, if be convictioned, highest pe

nalty is lifelong imprisonment.

Be informed a suspect to be sued formally, family of Zhang Ying glume feels gratified to this, thank police and check honest indefatigable effort, thank the brethren in China, United States and world each district to be opposite more jade-like stone clever the care that reachs family.

The report says, it is painful that family of Zhang Ying glume still is mixed extremely agog, request all circles help, find as soon as possible jade-like stone clever.

Before this, family of Zhang Ying glume ever also expressed clearly to inquisitor, hope to find Zhang Ying glume to take her to come home as soon as possible above all, hope the suspect pays price next.

More detail exposure: The suspect ever carried out farther enroach on

Act as agent by American federal inquisitor is mentioned in the indictment of Hansen sign one's name, kelisitengsen will be mixed for his interest on June 9 purpose, mix intentionally illegal distrain, limitation, entice, kidnap and take away Zhang Ying glume, use the tool be found out and brought to justice that crosses a state at the same time.

The indictment says, the suspect used Motolora mobile phone and black Saturn A Si to haul a car especially in crime, the evidence that gets from two kinds of tools makes clear, the suspect carried out farther guilty enroach on.

Ball of spokesman of confederative inquisitor office expresses 12 days again, investigation personnel believes, zhang Ying glume has died: Execute the law personnel is based on the evidence that at present collect goes to and judicial document, and the other evidence that obtains in investigating a process, made afore-mentioned deduction.

Current, police of police station of university of FBI, Yi Linuo Yi, Illinois is right the investigation of case of Zhang Ying glume still is undertaking, right the search of Zhang Ying glume also is continueing, until find its till whereabouts.

Can suspect attorney identity deny influence case trend?

In case of Zhang Ying glume, still a detail gets attention fully, one of lawyer group members that are a suspect then Bruno (the identity of Tom Bruno) , bruno is holding the position of the deputy mayor of Illinois champagne city at present, be met the interest conflicts when plead by doubt. Whether can this identity affect case trend, also make attention central point.

To this, bruno suffers before this when visitting, express, he holds the position of criminal case lawyer to already was as long as 37 years, american lawyer ethic is very strict, produce any interest conflict or relevant case absolutely impossibly, I try hard to defend for my client, but the blackart that has change fact impossibly.

Family of Zhang Ying glume helps lawyer Wang Zhidong express: The suspect's lawyer is quite reputable criminal attorney, but his identity won't create any advantage to the suspect's plead, because this also does not have any interest conflict.

Current, bruno rejects deepness to comment on this case.

Did Zhang Ying glume ever show body vicinity small town? Refute a rumor: Be not him chapter

Search hour of whereabouts of Zhang Ying glume to affect its the heart of family and relatives and friends, early before eyewitness says in Yilinuoyisailemu the town has seen Zhang Ying glume. Family of Zhang Ying glume is confirmed Ceng Yu will be driven on July 6 go to a distance the Sailemu that school of cent of champagne of university of Yi Linuo Yi makes an appointment with 200 kilometers is pressed down, search the whereabouts of Zhang Ying glume.

But local time on July 11, family of Zhang Ying glume expresses, they affirm the girl that ever appeared in Illinois a place of strategic importance to strap Mu small town is not Zhang Ying him glume.

Axis of time of record of Zhang Ying glume:

On June 9: Autograph of orgnaization of an intermediary of past champagne city before Zhang Ying glume is missing in road about.

On June 10: American police announces, right Zhang Ying glume is missing the proposal is formal put on record.

On June 17: Family of Zhang Ying glume arrives at Chicago, with school just meet with police.

On June 18: FBI sends a message to say, 10 thousand dollar seeks offer a reward Zhang Ying glume.

On June 22: Suspect of propaganda to the enemy at the front line of father of Zhang Ying glume: Still my daughter, we do not want what to find out, we want to look for our daughter only!

On June 29: Organization of school of cent of champagne of university of Yi Linuo Yi supports Zhang Ying Home Ying person, pray the assembly activity that Zhang Ying glume returns in safety. The Kelisitengsen that ever held the position of this school physics to fasten assistant also entered this activity.

On June 30: Because be suspected of staking,Kelisitengsen is pointed to Zhang Ying glume, be arrested by the FBI.

On July 3: First prejudication listen dispatch, await trial of be bailed out of the Si Tengsen in suspect gram requests to be rejected.

On July 5: Dispatch of the 2nd listen, the suspect overcomes Lisitengsen to be pointed to to significant risk must not bail.

On July 12: Federal big jury agrees the United States to kidnap with the blame overcomes the suspect Lisitengsen to sue. The suspect is continued to lock up.

On July 14: Because big jury already was passed,sue, the question of listen of the 3rd prejudication that holds on this day formerly has cancelled.

On July 20: The Sitengsen in suspect gram will appear in court be on trial be on trial.

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