Strong rainfall causes the island austral pluvial New Zealand many cities defect is urgent condition

In report will occupy new network on July 24 outside intermediary report, recently, strong rainfall of the island austral New Zealand causes the flood, gram of the biggest city bilks the island south Siteche is strange and the many areas such as coastal city Da Niding already entered urgent state. Although the 23 weather of local of day improve, but atmosphere branch is forecasted, still can have torrential rain next, make original the situation of a disaster aggravating.

The report says, area of the island austral New Zealand begins the rainstorm since 21 days afternoon from local time, kelaisiteche is strange with Da Niding water of many river river overruns, sinkage area resident is forced to withdraw home. Among them, da Niding still produced coast, cause main road to be blocked up, about 200 families are urgent and scattered, the member that the army already was sent heads for assistance victim.

Bureau of New Zealand atmosphere says, many the rainfall that stricken

be hit by a natural adversity area mixes 22 days 21 days is unusual. Favour of aerography home sea thises 23 days to point out, although count the heavy rain of the day to had gone one after another, but still can have next new round of rainstorm, stricken be hit by a natural adversity area is met probably once more " fall into enemy hands " .

Carl of Da Niding's mayor says, the victim waits for ability several days to return home again even. Strange authorities warns Kelaisiteche, still can have more place inundation next.

New Zealand department of defense already expedited more than 100 soldiers to participate in provide disaster relief, include to

pile buy sand to wrap to high risk area, and use camion rescue to suffer tired seeper to drive mediumly personage.

According to coverage of New Zealand media, after 23 days of the situation of a disaster are reduced, insular the eastpart part already had a few victims to come home south, but critical condition of place still did not remove, people the accused knows to stay in the home as far as possible, avoid to go out needlessly.


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