Spain breaks dead draught animals to smash bad car by assault of golf size hail

Reference news net will report flower intermediary says on July 19, some earlier this month moment, spain makes a surprise attack by hail, hail

grain has golf so big, cause property of domestic animals death, people to be destroyed.

According to England " the sun signs up for " will report on July 18, video presentation, tremendous hail falls from the sky, wild land is bungled on the land of Spanish north. Local dweller issued this extreme weather with video record, pale gradually in the sky, after hail begins to fall, local dweller searchs veil to avoid in succession.

The photograph shows, after hail ends, have a lot of sheep lacklustre ground lies on the ground to die. Hail still causes large-scale belongings loss, the windshield of a lot of car was bungled to give a hole.

Still not be clear about at present whether somebody gets hurt in this hail. Hail lasted about 45 minutes, the hail that falls jammed

street, cause traffic disorder. Local police and fireman must use the machine that sweep snow to clear street. (Compile / Wu Lin)


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