Scientist: One galaxy black hole " dyspeptic " ejective pile material

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In report will occupy new network on July 10 Singapore " associated morning paper " report, royal astronomy can weigh England recently, be in from the earth the place of 2000 much light-year, center of a galaxy exceeds great quality black hole to happen " dyspeptic " , hitting " full belch " space of Xiang Xing time is ejective one pile material.

Black hole imitate pursues (data chart)

The report says, multilateral astronomer is many more integrated the observation data traverse of wave band binoculars this one phenomenon. This galaxy number is NGC5195, it has a bigger companion NGC5194, both manacle together by gravitation. Before this already observation has arc of two X ray near them, according to saying this is black hole of NGC5195 galaxy center " belch " those who form.

Royal astronomy meets England to released news bulletin to say recently, by England Mancunian old course learns a group of a leader, use the high definition picture that array of British E-MERLIN radio telescope takes, the observation result of the equipment such as ray of X of the haing suddenly binoculars that combines the United States, Qian Dela and binoculars of very big array, studied a black hole " belch " erupt corporeal detail.

Include a galaxy inside, there is a black hole that exceeds great quality in the center of almost all galaxy, attract gobble up periphery all material. Quality of NGC5195 center black hole is equivalent to 19 million times of sun quality. This one galaxy drops into the bosom of eddy shape galaxy, with confluence of latter outward turning arm, bring about a large number of material to decline to the central black hole of NGC5195.

Scientist explanation says, these corporeal high speed rotate fall into the black ho

le, in dish of shape structure is formed all round the black hole, call suck indigestion dish. Of force-feed duck type " hello feed " make suck indigestion dish arrive greatly certain level, at this moment the black hole cannot continue to gobble up material effectively, happen " dyspeptic " , bring about suck accumulate dish of burst.

Right now, enormous pressure generates intense bow wave, turn material space of Xiang

Xing time, among them the electron travels with approaching velocity of light, with the gas of interstellar space and dust interaction, give out radio wave. Bow wave immediately makes like froth bubble gas and dust heat expand, give out X ray, and from hydric on come off the electron forms ionic hydrogen, produce the arc that the observation before this goes to.

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