Russian assemblyman: Russia will be in Russia to the United States diplomatic belongings takes response step

In report will occupy new network on July 17 coverage of Russia satellite network, kesaqiefu of chairman of committee of international of Russian Federation committee says, russia should take response step in Russia diplomacy belongings to the United States, this will be the method of be forced to do, but still have those who use is necessary.

Senior official shows American the White House before this, do not obtain " some kind of exchange " the United States won't return property of the diplomacy that return Russia.

Kesaqiefu points out: "Below this kind of circumstance, russia respect has no alternative it seems that, be when making a response. This is not our choice, and the method that this will be be forced to do, but still have those who use is necessary. But still have those who use is necessary..

Kesaqiefu points out, the statement that the White House

represents " this affirms the United States just disregards law of nations again, and the principle that tries to drive its internal law to override on law of nations again " .

By December 2016, american president Aobama government with Russia " interpose election " and " apply to beautiful diplomacy personnel pressure " for passed a series of sanction that turn over Russia. The United States still just closed the two houses building that belongs to Russian diplomacy belongings, its are called the outskirts that Russian permanent new York is stationed in Washington embassy on behalf of place and Russia is villatic.

Husband of sanded division of black of Russia president assistant to closing down comment of Russian belongings be related

says, moscow considers the interior of beautiful president Telangpu is difficult, but if Washington does not take action, russia just won't be ignored.

According to Russia media coverage, russia plans to drive out diplomat of about 30 United States, close down few points beauty is in Russia belongings, serve as pair of United States not to remand with this the response of the belongings of Russian diplomatic mission that closed down in December 2016.


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