Russia total procuratorate: Frustrated 12 cases in all first half of the year 2017 churchyard fears raiding

According to coverage of Russia satellite network, local time on July 27, russia Alexander of the first pair of total chief procurator? Bukesiman expresses on courtyard Wu conference, recorded

the horrible assault that is aimed at Russian churchyard 13 cases in all first

half of the year 2017, among them 12 be being prepared and plan phase is frustrated.

The Sanket explosion case that those who fail to be frustrated will is on April 3, charger of type of a suicide is in Sanket the subway " technical university 2 " station and " first Na Yaan field " bomb is detonated between the station. This assault causes 16 people death, include terrorist him Guliluofu. Because put,be in " uprise square " of the station abstain bomb to be discovered in time, another detonate blast is able to avoid.


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