Opposition of Venezuela election commotion holds protest the activity is successive 3 many months

Original title: Fight of complex with each passing day the government and the public meets Venezuela political situation intense still

Xinhua News Agency adds Lajiasi Rong Liwen of sword of a surname of bright of Xu of reporter of electric Xinhua News Agency is clear on July 29

Venezuela will hold the election of the congress that make statute of proposal of government of Ma Du collect 30 days, and opposition alliance does his utmost to object, undertake remonstrant an activity continuously inside a week before the election. Analytic personage thinks, government of Ma Du collect has fight control capacity, and look for a long time from which, struggle of Venezuela the government and the public will be intense still, those who be in the United States intervene below appoint domestic political situation will be complex with each passing day.

This year on May 1, venezuela president Maduluo announces to start the process that make statute, draft national constitution afresh, in order to maintain national peace, stimulative home speaks, resolve current politics crisis. Analytic personage thinks, government of Ma Du collect is driven with all one's strength make statute, it is to hope to recapture parliament of opposition alliance pilot with this, master legislative afresh, hold favorable position in fight of the government and the public thereby.

The near future, appoint opposition alliance holds the whole people below the circumstance of mechanism of election of complete steer clear of fair cast, according to opposition statistic, 700 much constituency attend and blackball holds election of the congress that make statute, 1/3 what take all constituency about. Opposition alliance asks for the basis with this government of Ma Du collect instantly break down makes constitution plenary meeting, hold the remonstrant activity such as strike of processional demonstrate, whole nation continuously at the same time, establish parallel government to apply pressure. Meanwhile, american president Telangpu also issues ultimatum to Venezuela, if Venezuela is in,say to will hold the congress that make statute to represent a vote on July 30, the United States will take strong and fast economy step to Venezuela.

To maintain domestic peace and stability, nearly a few months come, government of Ma Du collect will make sure the congress that make statute is held successfull

y all the time put in the firstest place. Maduluo already name much name is important and ministerial the member resigns government service makes constitution congress represent with participating, arouse actively the whole nation exceeds 7 million hold political member is participated in enter into an election contest and poll. And opposition alliance rejects to admit and attend the plenary meeting that make statute, also do not have choose any candidate attend, just upgrade ceaselessly remonstrant activity undertakes boycott, because this is like an election to be held successfully, hold political triumph should not have be concerned about.

Lusaina of chairman of committee of Venezuela state election expresses 29 days, the 14500 many polling booth of election of the congress that make statute are already all be all set, technology and security personnel are already all also perch.

Look from popular wishes foundation, government of Ma Du collect has fight control capacity. Central america of place of Latin America of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and Wang Peng of secretary-general of Caribbean research center point out, the whole people that opposition holds before this is common cast only 700 much constituency are participated in, this is in less at opposition the vote with parliamentary medium 2015 vote 7.7 million, 11 million what also anticipate under opposition.

In addition, opposition is successive already 3 many months hold remonstrant activity, the violent incident that happens during protest causes 107 people death, on 1000 people are injured and be arrested. It is normal that persistent demonstrate activity affected ordinary people badly the working life and medical treatment, normal movement that teachs an orgnaization. Cuba international concern is high Mannuaierye of academic professor, politics home admire thinks, venezuela opposition upgrades ceaselessly processional demonstrate activity, this let both sides lose a lot of chances that take to negotiate. Negotiating a dialog is the path of pair of winning settlement, venezuelan civilian do not be willing to see more bleeds incident.

From hold the political party is right of national orgnaization accuse to look, be in office at present party side still keep a firm hand on is worn the supreme court and national election commission, the success that can ensure the lawful sex of the congress that make statute and election work. More important is, appoint the army expresses to be faithful to government of Ma Du collect for many times recently, will escort the Emperor to make constitution congress election convoy.

To ensure of 30 days of elections undertake smoothly, appoint the army already expressed, will expedite many 230 thousand soldier to be in deploy of rigor of every countrywide polling booth, the action that prevents any d

estruction to poll with block up. Jiang Shixue of director of research center of Shanghai university Latin America thinks, maduluo still has military support at present, abandon unlikelily make constitution congress election or shifting to an earlier date nonofficeholding. And opposition is almost spent and all way, also did not produce deadly menace to government of Ma Du collect. Yuan Dongzhen of assistant director of institute of Latin America of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences points out, be in office at present the party is right of the orgnaization such as administration, judicatory, election accuse still firmer, the support of estate falls in getting, can ensure basically can be in office in January 2019 lieutenancy at the expiration of one's term of office.

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