Li Changyu of explore of god of foreign citizen of Chinese origin: Zhang Ying glume still has survival to should find its possibly to fall as soon as possible

Login register Li Changyu of explore of god of foreign citizen of Chinese origin of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian: Does Zhang Ying glume still have survival to should find: of its whereabouts origin possibly as soon as possible? ?2017-07-07 20:2 of Piao of ㄖ fall forwardEdition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 0 Http:// channel

The Deng Hong of famous Chinese lawyer that cares case of Zhang Ying glume expert of appraisal of criminal of day and explore of 6 god of foreign citizen of Chinese origin, United States Dr. Li Changyu at this point case discuss, be opposite at disclosing Dr. Li Changyu to journalist of view of legal evening paper this morning the view of case of Zhang Ying glume. Li Changyu thinks Zhang Ying glume still has the possibility of survival, FBI should dispatch with all one's strength will seek all clue, find the whereabouts of the chapter as soon as possible.

Li Changyu of explore of god of foreign citizen of Chinese origin: Zhang Ying glume still has the possibility FBI of survival to should find its to fall as soon as possible

Deng Hong's lawyer expresses to reporter of law late view, the Li Changyu that leave is preparing to discourse on an academic subject to hamster when case of Zhang Ying glume happens ever received Illinois before set out alarm of punishment detect personnel appeal request, li Changyu was offerred crack a criminal case suggested at 10 o'clock, FBI takes over processing later after this case because be in,did not continue to share this record, nevertheless, because this case involves the safe issue of C

hinese student studying abroad, newest progress understands through media immediately after he returned the United States a few days ago. He expresses, although the suspect is arrested, but before finding Zhang Ying glume to fall, still do not calculate crack a criminal case.

Li Changyu expresses, the motive of general kidnap case has 3 kinds big, it is money, use staking method to blackmail family to arrive in order to get gold, 2 it is for faction illegal the method that trade and kidnaps adversary is exchanged with regarding as, 3 it is the sexual demand that is contented allergy. The case is here medium, motive is probable it is for sexual demand. In sexual kidnap case, victim 90% it is a female, and traditional suspect feature is white man male, 25 years old arrive 37 years old, high intelligence quotient, ever got in sexual respect in growing process setback or had been mistreated.

On one page reads related 12 one page: Case of Zhang Ying glume is newest: Li Changyu speculation still has survival FBI should find the possibility as soon as possible Zhang Ying of its whereabouts 2017-07-07 clever case is newest progress: Monitoring recording announces a suspect to say to ever sufferred Zhang Ying glume Zhang Ying of in

tense revolt 2017-07-06 the 2nd times listen dispatch will decide clever case on July 6 Xiamen of Zhangzhou of city of spring of Fujian of recreation of news of 2017-07-05 of suspect bail problem

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