Kashmir produces violent incident 7 pilgrim doubt are beaten dead by Bolshevik

According to the BBC (BBC)7 reports 11 days month, include 6 women inside 7 Hinduism pilgrim is imprinting accuse Kashmir area to die by armed element assault.

The report says, the victim is one attends by what near 50 people comprise annual the member of pilgrim activity team, the car that they take is adding a county then from Annam tower when the dot returns the pilgrim of grotto, Amaernate is encountered piece.

Local police suspects, c

harger is the separatist with mutinous regnant India.

According to the report, this assault still causes 19 people to get hurt. BBC analysis says, the tight situation of area of controversy of this possible become acute. Be in with Indian premier Mo Di hold political related Hinduism is hawkish the armed revolt that the organization hopes to be in the area of this Moslem be in the majority to see to objecting India dominates all the time adopts strong to act.

Kashmir problem long-standing, before the Second World War, kashmir is British an earth state of Indian empire. 1947, the Mounthatten that England offers divide and rule plan, plan allows each Tubangke write one's own ticket is to join India or Pakistan or

choice independence. Kashmir area 77% population believe in is Mohammedan, 20% people oral message acts according to Hinduism. Local dweller hopes to join Pakistan, but it is difficult that the earthy state princes and dukes of devotional Hinduism has decided to because this is attributive,join India calm. India and Pakistan erupted a few times for this war [Cha Xi of reporter of round-the-world network coverage]

Original title: Imprint accuse Kashmir to produce violent incident 7 pilgrim doubt are beaten dead by Bolshevik responsibility edits: Ling Qin Li


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