Indonesian the maritime space around produces 7.5 class earthquake

Jakarta of Xinhua News Agency on December 14 electric Indonesia east exert Sha Dengjia pulls province north maritime space 14 days to produce 7.5 class earthquake in the morning, still do not have personal casualty and belongings loss report at present. Indonesian earthquake monitors a branch to already released early-warning of seismic sea wave.

According to Indonesian atmosphere, climate and message of website of earthly physics bureau, the earthquake happens at Jakarta time 10 when 20 minutes (Beijing time 11 when 20 minutes) , the epicenter is located in east exert Sha Dengjia

pulls a province to not 112 kilometers manage sea area Luo Lesi island, focus deepness is 12 kilome


Indonesian atmosphere, climate and earthly physics bureau record the islands with distance closer epicenter and villages and towns to have relatively strong shock feeling. This second earthquake produces second half hour, this orgnaization record still produced magnitude twice to be 5.6 class and the aftershock of 5.5 class respectively near the epicenter.

This bureau already released early-warning of seismic sea wave with respect to this second earthquake, remind dweller keep one's hair on and vigilance, proposal people pays close attention to local government, Indonesian country closely to fight the orgnaization such as calamity arrange about be on guard the clew of seismic seismic sea wave.

Occupy American geology additionally to investigate message of bureau earthquake website, the magnitude of this second earthquake is 7.3 class, focus deepness is 18.4 kilometers.

Indonesian be located in belt of earthquake of annulus Pacific Ocean, produce thousands of size earthquake every year. In September 2018, indonesian in province ridgepole adds Sulaweixi pull a county to produce 7.4 class earthquake, earthquake and the seismic sea wave that its cause cause death of 2000 much people.

Original title: Indonesian east exert Sha Dengjia pulls a province to add coastal waters region to produce responsibility of 7.5 class earthquake to edit: Ceng Shaolin


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