Han intermediary: 5 years administration program gives Han government furnace 3 period fulfil 100 tasks

Login register intermediary of Han of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian: Does 5 years administration program give Han government furnace 3 period fulfil: of 100 tasks origin? ?2017-07-19 17:4 of huge rock of discharge  contraction5 Http://www.mnw.cn/

In new network report will report according to Han Lian company on July 19, korea president Wen Zaiyin covers with tiles in blueness the stage greets guesthouse to be announced to the whole people 19 days afternoon " national politics operation plans 5 years " , 100 5 big targets, plan, 3 paces walk along overall deploy the strategy, point to palpability to build brand-new big Han the Republic of China " route chart " " construction pursues " " schedule " .

Of bureau humanitarian, the nation that picture administration blue print props up newly in two months is honorred in Korea president Wen Zaiyin politics layout advisory committee (national politics layout appoint) express, of the democracy that candle power assembly calls, pretty, the core value that just country is new government pursuit, reframe basis justice principle all systems.

National politics layout appoint Wen Zaiyin enter into an election contest creed is combed for " people is done advocate government " " collective and rich economy " " the country of general aid the people's livelihood " " the whole area that develops evenly " " the peninsula that peace flourishs " goal of 5 big administration, put forward " national country just Korea " wish scene, task of detailed enumerate administration reachs specific plan.

Layout appoint still will today bright it is two years surely energetically abolish long-standing abuse, adjust power structure " period of assault fortified positions " , will come to was post of creation obtain employment, accept a challenge the 4th times s

urely 2020 2019 system of tax of wealth of Industrial Revolution, reform reveal effect " span period " , came to be able to reform a mechanism continuously to comb surely 2022 2021 " stability period " .

The report says, do to build people advocate government, detached check will be made inside year alarm investigation power program, establish next year turn over service fraud investigation to be in, implement the democratic reform of power gear, real time announces the curule journey such as the president, build open model the government reforms platform, make capable government.

In addition, the government still plans to change election system greatly, increase small party seat in a legislature, enlarge base of presidential the will of the people. To maintain peninsula peace and stability, korea will call in fr

om the United States as soon as possible war direct counterpoises, begin collaboration of Han government economy in the round, fulfil conception of domain of Korea peninsula new economy, mining economy grows new power. Korea still plans to build " northeast inferior + responsibility community " , build a condition for area peace and collaboration.

The report points out, to build collective and rich economy, korea government enters into an election contest democratization of aid of carry out go by acceptance, scale of youth of will compulsory employ by 3% rise 5% , create post of 810 thousand communal orgnaizations. To make a country responsible to the life of every countryman, country of system of allowance of Korea general executive children, gawkish old person is in charge of making, the welfare policy such as education of obligation of child care of free of child-care centre of central finance safeguard, high school. The country still will is opposite from the system food safety is responsible, come on stage treat haze integrated act, reduce casual proportion, shorten working hours, safeguard rests the right. Develop evenly to realize various places, the government will establish the mechanism of the 2nd state conference that local administration leading cadre attends, and the country duty and cess difference are pulled small to 6 than 4, strong thrust changes the place below right of property.

Wen Zaiyin government still estimates concentrated force the key to finish " obtain employment economy " " innovation poineering country " " avoid population cliff " " the place knows to develop with the balance oneself " task of this 4 big integrated reform. Carry out afore-mentioned tasks to need is made and revise 465 proposed law, the government will refer 427 among them in congress of next year introversion.

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