Enunciative requirement fulfills conference of U.N. minister class " Parisian agreement "

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In report will occupy new network on July 20 outside intermediary report, the U.N. headquarters that is in new York is held, strive to come true " can develop a target continuously " (the ministerial class conference of SDGs) concludes 19 days this month, passed with fulfilling the whole world thoroughly calefacient countermeasure new framework " Parisian agreement " those who be main

content is enunciative.

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The report says, whole and enunciative the form that agrees with plenary meeting is passed, but the United States that announces to exit an agreement is in enunciative in the speech after passing, to involving " Parisian agreement " content raised objection. The United States just isolates in the world farther apparent.

The 20 countries that hold at Germany this month group (the head announce call the turn that G20) peak meets, the United States is special bright general government and think " Parisian agreement " the difference between 19 countries and area covers the rest that cannot go backwards hard. On this plenary meeting that in U.N. all member country attends, rising to disregarding the vigilant mood of the American government of international society cry.

American government delegate expresses in the speech

of ministerial class conference, "The United States and announce call the turn about " Parisian agreement " consensus part did not concern. " in make clear devote oneself to to reduce greenhouse gas while, this delegate emphasizes " support economy grows, aggrandizement the sources of energy is safe " .

According to the analysis, the United States just did not object passing enunciative, because divide the major nation outside the United States to hold with,the likelihood is, overthrow enunciative very difficult.

Enunciative point out " the whole world is calefacient it is us one of tasks with this the oldest age " . Enunciative point out 2016 is throughout history a the hottest year, emphasize be necessary to be based on scientific knowledge, answer the whole world effectively calefacient menace. In addition, right still " Parisian agreement " reach its at an early date become effective expresses to welcome, if the agreement gets driving,mention expressly, also have positive effect to carrying out SDGs.

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