Dragon of French president mark " see a netizen " as communicative as famed star Lei Hana education

Login register dragon of mark of president of France of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian " see a netizen " : of origin of as communicative as famed star Lei Hana education? Be not Nao?2017-07-27 10:36 Http://www.mnw.cn/

According to French international broadcast broadcasting station will report on July 26, the Lei Hana of singer of famous and popular music that Bulijite of French president mark Mrs. Long Xie calls in at was being recieved in the Elysee Palace that day. How does both sides develop the whole world to taught a career to have a talk.

Lei Hana is in the talk is backward media alleges, I just had a talk that makes a person fab with presidential husband and wife. We taught a problem to undertake discussion with respect to development from global angle, can issue the important announcement of enterprise of a concerned education jointly when this year September. Lei Hana still conveyed her to mark him dragon admire, the leader force place that I am shown by mark dragon place moves. I think this year will be education a year of development.

Before this, connection of dragon of mark of the Lei Hana after people will come from the popular music day of Barbados very hard probably and French president rises. But the figure ambassador that teachs companionate alliance as international organization whole world, lei Hana is pu

shed through using gained the opportunity that teachs a career with development of interview of French president husband and wife especially.

The report says, ha Na is pushing the bud that regards the whole world as famous recreational giant to go up especially the person that have those who exceed 75 million to follow. She is passed last month push special the raise donations activity that platform publicizes requirement mark dragon to teach companionate alliance to the whole world provides a help. It is Lei Hana of 29 years old to still use same way, conveyed Canadian premier Te

luduo his aspirations. [reporter Wang Zhantao]

Original title: French president " see a netizen " responsibility of as communicative as famed star Lei Hana education edits: Discipline reads related valuable dimension: Gas temperature rise needs high to notice to prevent heatstroke to teach you precaution of a few action " pyretic " 2017-07-23 and civilization hand in hand Pu Tianqi is moved " advocate green life to object grandiose waste " 700 thousand coin of public transportation company buys mobile 2017-07-21 car 10 make better

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