Beauty of general capital requirement is stationed in Russian diplomatic corps to cut down 755 people United States: Bring owls to Athens

Beijing will say Russia president Fulajimierpu on July 30, the United States is stationed in staff member of Russia diplomacy orgnaization to should cut down before September 1 755 person, in order to make Russian-American the diplomatic orgnaization number in country of the other side is quits. He is warned at the same time, russia considers to add other limitation measure to the United States, but not be now.

Those who be aimed at general Beijing make known one's position, american the State Council expresses a regret, call Russia square practice bring owls to Athens. American respect has the effect that produces to this punish measure assessment.

[show the door eventually after tolerance]

Afore-mentioned decisions announce when general Beijing accepted special report of channel of news of Russia TV station that day. He expresses, the United States is stationed in Russia diplomacy orgnaization to should cut down the member of persons employed 755 person, finish before September 1. From this, russian-American two countries will reach quits 455 person in the diplomatic personnel amount of country

of the other side.

He says: Have more than 1000 beautiful square staff members at present still working, include diplomatic personnel and logistics personnel among them. The 755 person among them must suspend activity of churchyard is in Russia.

This decides Russia respect is the newest punish that is aimed at Russia to respond to United States Congress to will be passed on July 27 second reading. According to this second reading, the United States is suspected of interfering the United States with Russia presidential election was mixed 2016 Wu Kelan crisis for, increase pair

of Russia relevant individual and hypostatic economic punish, at the same time president of limitative United States removes to make presidential power to Russia.

A few officials disclose American government, although presidential Tangnadetelangpu is second reading to this,restrict its untie a person makes the provision that reduce feel disappointed to Russia, but by force of ginseng is numerous two courtyards support second reading attitude consistently, he has no alternative almost, can sign only allow second reading pass a test.

Reuter comment, russia makes the decision that drive a person alluded Russia to had abandoned the United States that with Telangpu governmental leader issues improving the hope of the relation, and improving beautiful Russia to concern also is one of targets that during Telangpu runs for the presidency, raise.

General capital makes known his position mediumly to appear in the special interview also confirm this. He says: We had awaited enough long, hope body potential energy develops to good way. But look now, although the circumstance can be changed, also won't be the thing of the near future.

[beautiful response weighs make an unnecessary move]

Be aimed at the decision of general Beijing, american the State Council made a response later on that day. American respect says, russia bring owls to Athens of this one practice, the United States feels regretful. The official that American the State Council does not wish to publish a full name says: The impact that we are assessing this one limitation measure to cause and how to answer.

Nevertheless, when the specific amount that asks about personnel of the beautiful diplomatic corps that be stationed in Russia when media reporter, american the State Council rejects a response.

An official discloses the beautiful diplomatic mission that be stationed in Russia, current, the United States is stationed in Moscow embassy and be stationed in Sanket, Xiekajielinbao, Fu Ladi Wo Si holds gram consulate in the palm to share about 1100 staff member, include American already among them, also include a Russian.

Personnel of this round of diplomacy cuts down the member of persons employed be not initiate above all by Russia respect. Last year in December, beilakeaobama of the president before the United States before leave one's post, the United States gives out order for guests to leave, announce to drive out 35 Russia are stationed in beautiful embassy and Russia to be stationed in personnel of san Francisco consulate, compel they and family to be in the 72 leave a country inside the hour, shut the house property of orgnaization of diplomacy of two place Russia that is located in new York and Maryland city.

Convention of according to diplomacy, russia should drive out originally the American diplomacy personnel of quits amount. Nevertheless, at that time general Beijing not only did not drive out any American diplomat, before magnanimous invites the beautiful diplomat that be stationed in Russia, attend toward the Kremlin instead cross year of clique to be opposite, your outside feels accident. (Zhang Jing) (Xinhua News Agency stalks of grain especially only)

Original title: Beauty of general capital requirement is stationed in Russian diplomatic corps to cut down 755 people United States: Responsibility of bring owls to Athens edits: Ceng Shaolin


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