Bay will receive after coming from central america refugee to fasten bay beauty refugee to exchange an agreement to sign first

Will report on July 25 according to British Reuter, australia will be in next a few the middle of a month receive refugee of a few central america. Two message personages that understand this process express to Reuter. This will be Australia and United States reach the refugee move that has controversy to find a place for first refugee after the agreement is transferred.

According to the report, 2016 the end of the year, australian premier and when hold the post of American preside

nt Aobama to sign the refugee to change an agreement, bay honest commitment will receive central america refugee, but refugee amount did not make define. As exchange, the United States just says to will be admitted amount to 1250 refugees, these refugees stay in at present bay the immigrant of the Papua New Guinea of Pacific Ocean insularity that just is about to shut and Nauru finds a place for center.

Two messages offer a personage to say, about 30 when be found a place for Yugesidali is added nowadays come from the refugee of El Salvador, will at next change of a few months is gone to Australia, next the refugee of the 2nd batch of similar numbers also will arrive at Australia in succession. The person that a message offers says: "This batch of refugees had been passed examine, will be in autumnal ingoing Australia. Will be in autumnal ingoing Australia..

Is skin of minister of Australian immigrant ministry special? The spokesman that pauses rejects to publish a comment to this. In addition, american citizen and emigrant service bureau (USCIS) and population of American the State Council, refugee and bureau of emigrant general affairs are besides normal office hours the demand that also rejects a response to publish a comment to this. The United States is stationed in Australian embassy to also did not publish the requirement of the comment to make a response to this instantly.

The report points out, el Salvador refugee arrives of Australia migratory the measure that will make people pays close attention to the United States to exchange consultative place to adopt to maintaining the refugee centrally. American president Telangpu ever called this immigrant migratory agreement " foolish " .

Still do not have an

y Papua New Guineas at present the refugee of Ma Nusi island and Nauru gets migratory the license that reachs the United States, the great majority in these refugees comes from middle east and South Asia area. At the beginning of July, the United States' annual refugee receives an amount to already amounted to year refugee to absorb upper limit, the filtration that American emigrant branch already stopped pair of refugees at present interview. (The exercitation compiles: Shang Jiaying goes over a manuscript or draft: Tan Liya)


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