American heart city happens to be crossed badly secretly case already sent heat of much philtrum of 10 people death

China News Service rests police of electric United States will be in Si Dui on July 23 Anthony of Texas south emperor inside car of a of abstruse city heavy-duty cold storage, discover 8 people die, die after 2 people rescue is invalid, 28 people are different degree dehydrate, heatstroke. Local lawyer says, this is serious cross secretly case.

According to American country message of public broadcasting station, shengandongniao city police local time 22 days of evening, in this city the car of heavy-duty cold storage that a Woerma discovered this 18 rounds inside supermarket parking lot.

Charles of director of bureau of local fire control says, this empty v that refrigerates a car shows trouble, also drink without water inside the car. These 8 deads or because high temperature chokes,die. After 30 survival are sent local hospital, 2 people rescue is invalid die. Additional in 28 people, count a serious dehydrate, heatstroke, still be in rescue. Show according to data of bureau of American country scene, the temperature outdoor makes an appointment with accident ground 22 days afternoon 38 ℃ .

Washington Post reports, city police chief wheat overcomes Shengandongniao details of a case of Introduction Manusi says, a man that runs away from cold storage car bars next supermarket employee ask for water to drink, this employee calls the police later.

Police expresses, these survival will be faced with American federal to emigrate to execute the law with custom the investigation of the bureau. How did American land already also intervene entirely investigation.

American immigrant and custom execute the law Huo Man of bureau representative head (Thomas Homan) makes a statement 23 days local time, to this case, the United States executes the law the branch is sure to investigate duty.

According to resting Si Duiji thing signs up for a report, zhanmusi Bulaideli of driver of car of this cold storage already was arrested by police. He ever by Shengandongniao city federal court is sued with trafficking population blame. Local lawyer Richard thinks, this is serious cross secretly case. They are preparing pair of Zhan Mu this to lodge a complaint.

News wall bulletin reports Shengandon

gniao, the United States produces a stowaway last time many death case is 2003. Be discovered 19 stowaway die on the freight car that heart city south ships milk in those days. The imprisonment that truck driver is sentenced nearly 34 years.

According to Introduc

tion Huo Man, the survival with partial at present lighter the condition of an injury already began to accept investigation. They express to there ever were more than 100 people inside cold storage car, one part person comes from Mexico. Police passes judgement of supermarket monitoring kinescope, personnel of the others on the car already escaped or by reinforce.

Notable is, the border land of Mexico of berth location space of car of experience case cold storage drives 2 half hours. Patrol according to American border land issuance give public notice shows, have 4 heavy truck at least in July the border land port of Texas of pass in and out pulls Lei Duo. The incident that 7 days of member that ever still produced 72 famous person in this port run away from inside a heavy truck. They come from Mexico, Ecuadorian, Guatemala and El Salvador.


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