Air of reporter of Bai Dengfa violent wind dare not vent

According to England " daily Post " report, local time on December 21, american president is done obeisance to ascend after the address is being published with respect to new coronal epidemic situation in the White House, ignore the proposal of assistant again it seems that, the decision accepts reporter query.

Do obeisance to ascend tell in the speech already the American of vaccination, they can spend christmas day surely, firm say we won't be returned March 2020. Nevertheless, do obeisance to ascend ever coughed twice in the speech, and here before today, exposure of the White House is done obeisance to ascend as new as coronal to detect the staff member that shows masculine gender has had intimate contact, this staff member goes up 17 days in aircraftman date private plane with do obeisance to ascended close quarters to contact about 30 minutes, but do obeisance to the new coronal that ascend to detect the result shows negative, because this does not need segregation.

After the speech ends, do obeisance to ascend a few questions that answered a reporter to put forward, but said a word suddenly: I should not attend this press conference, the interlocution with the reporter ended later.

The report says, query of a reporter says during, the White House does not have promising to detect currently ready-made of demand increase sharply, the group of people platoon leader that forces completely beautiful each district waits to count a hour, whether is this equal at failing. Doing obeisance to ascend after beginning to reply before long, his sound was flooded by the reporter's yelp. He blinks to a certain person outside camera lens eyeball, grumble: Let me answer this question. In field reporter the whole room burst into laughter.

But Bai Dengji add is refuted say, calculate the transmission rate that to new variation poisonous individual plant Aomike armies without the person can such fast, people bears down on between one night it seems that test point accepts virus to detect. Should be asked about why to spend will so for long try to reconcile to detect definitely when delay problem, do obeisance to ascend say to do not have a flower at all so long.

Do obei

sance to ascend argue to say, the situation that produce is, the transmission speed that Ao

mike armies wants than what anybody imagines fast. If I am in all around before tell you, this number is met with everyday 1500 times, 200 times, the speed of 500 times travels, I think you can look at me to say certainly, do obeisance to ascend, how are you drunk? But the circumstance is such.

Do obeisance to ascend still be asked he and the Democratic Party are senatorial Qiao Manqin (Joe Manchin) the relation between, this senator just was strangled do obeisance to ascend rebuild better future act obtains congress to vote this year the opportunity that pass. Do obeisance to ascend the welfare spending that family and medical treatment transfer are in debating bill, when the price of example refer insulin that regards American drug price as out of control is exorbitant, do obeisance to the sound that record to become acerb rise.

If you are the parents that be minimum wage and works desperately, how can be you done? You look at your child, if you do not I am sorry to their vaccination,you know, if what don't you give them to you can happen with the sort of medicaments? Do obeisance to ascend say. At this moment a hush in the room, his sound becomes more aggressive.

You stripped all dignity, do obeisance to ascend approximately vociferant ground to say. Imagine, as parents, look at the child, your burden does not rise you to be able to mortgage without the house, you did not deposit money this is a mistake. But all content in act will lower prices standard for the middle class and the working class.

He says finally, but I should not attend this press conference now, tell another reporter again next, he and Manqinhui accomplish a few things. Do obeisance to later ascend walked out of a room, and the reporter still continues to quiz aloud after one's death in him.

Here before today, secretary of news of the White House ever was asked about to do obeisance to ascend 21 days to whether can answer a query, she gave out at that time an ambiguous answer, say to do obeisance to ascend a week to want to reply many times to quiz, so, this depends on what is what you ask.

Original title: Do obeisance to ascend be asked about to become angry when this one problem in speech of the White House, attendant reporter air dare not vent responsibility to edit: Ceng Shaolin


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