A man sends Spain long car, waited 14 years to still fail resumptive

In report will occupy new network on July 21 Spain " Ou Hua signs up for " report, 2003, because the car appears,Wei Liya of Spanish a place of strategic import

ance omits a man breakdown, send maintenance the car, did not think of first-class it is 14 years, still do not have up to now resumptive oneself car. He says: These 14 years await not less than to be a nightmare.

This man is called Ketesi (Jos Cort S) . 2003, his Ford car produced an accident in around small towns, send the government to repair a factory, but maintenance be announcemented should cost near 10 thousand euro, suggest he goes to another having spare parts of form a complete set likewise accordingly repair a factory.

Then the home repairs a factory to be called Hermanos Capdevilla. Over, ketesi is informed upkeep costs is 2405.72 euro only. He paid 2000 euro on the spot, pay again after the more than foster cordial relations between countries such as the paragraph. Repair plant compliance 20 days to control foster cordial relations between countries.

However, did not have phonic message from now on, he is contacted repeatedly repair a factory, contact Ford company, still undertake complaining to posse of branch of consumer rights and interests and countryman, had not gotten any responses how

ever. The car that he does not know himself up to now after all how.

Later, ketesi moves Weierwa (Huelva) lives, around a small towns works. Because he does not have a car, must rise everyday big early, go to work on foot for a long time, because go out time is too early, also do not have a law to take public traffic tool.

Up to now, repair manufacturer face to be done not have mix with respect to car condition already the 2000 Europe of collection give out to explain reasonably. Ketesi expresses, he can continue complain anyhow.

Original title: A man sends Spain long car, waited 14 years to still fail resumptive responsibility edits: Ji Wei dimension


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