Zhanmusidulantelaiangnade does not have predestined relationship Nba this sports season convention surpasses optimal battle array

Today, NBA government announced the optimal battle array that convention of 2018-2019 sports season surpasses, in the library, Kun Bo of George of Harden, Paul, A Detuo, Yaojiji is selected the first battle array. 3 people do not have Zhanmusi, Du Lan spy, Laiangnade along the first battle array, among them Zhanmusi is selected the 3rd battle array, du Lan spy and Laiangnade are selected the 2nd battle array.

A heart holds George of Kun Bo, Harden, Paul in the palm is NBA government 3 convention that announce before this surpass MVP candidate, they are without controversy ground sele

cted the first battle array, among them elder brother of Harden, letter got all 100 Zhang Yizhen vote. In addition, 91 Zhang Yizhen vote are depended on in the library, after afterwards 2014-2015 sports season, 2015-2016 sports season, professional career the 3rd selected the first battle array; Yaojijiben sports season advance rapidly, win 59 Zhang Yizhen vote, professi

onal career first selected the first battle array.

Before this sports season, du Lan spy, Laiangnade parts 6 times, 2 selected the first battle array, the expression that concrete analysis convention surpasses, they are likewise outstanding to the contribution of team. But, because sports season of alphabetical elder brother and Paul tall effect a permanent cure develops Jing to admire, du Lan spy, Laiangnade is squeezed to give the first battle array at the same time, fall into the 2nd battle array.

In all and active service player, zhanmusi is selected the player with maximum number of the first battle array, also be successive and selected at the same time the retainer of record of the first battle array. 2007-2008 sports season arrives 11 years of 2017-2018 sports season, zhanmusi does not have one exception selected the first battle array, but in this sports season, because because of,hurt cause of disease, zhanmusi is absent amount to 27 matches, lake person also fails to enter the contest after season, final only selected the 3rd battle array. (reporter Xu Bangyin)

Original title: Zhanmusi is successive 11 years selected " " the record is edited by terminative responsibility: Li Xiaoling


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