Wu Lei leaves madder shell the 2nd ball makes full full-court state notch after outstanding contest 6.9

[Wu Lei leaves madder shell the 2nd ball makes full full-court state n

otch after outstanding contest 6.9] on annulus on the west armour league matches, wu Lei joins in after Spaish first withered sit bench banquet. When outer bound guesses whether Chinese player will be changed by the brim, in Beijing time today before dawn Spaish advocate in the 1 match of smoother than 1 battle Saierda, wu Lei makes full the whole audience, harvest the 2nd goal of career leaving ocean.

Before Wu Lei two rounds pass and be inferior to meaning: Body of a concealed fails to make full the whole audience

, although enter match list, did not get coming on the stage however opportunity. Spaish advocate handsome epicycle includes a hair list Wu Lei afresh, chinese player makes menace for many times in first half. Leave bureau 4 minutes, wu Lei is horizontal the road in knocking, shoot in a way of Yigelaixiyasi slants piece. After 2 minutes, his shovel is shot brushing pillar to fly off bottom line.

The goal comes in the 33rd minute, luo Ka sends a secondary attack, insert the Wu Lei that go up to face pylon of Er of a place of strategic importance will, notch with writing down side of be high up in the air to tick off excommunicate. The 43rd minute, wu Lei is inside forbidden zone before when inserting with assist the trip after the Ma Lue that prevent is contacted, should be worth advocate after judgment and judgment of VAR video assistant are communicated, maintain did not foul, did not sentence the ball that punish a dot.

Although fierce Lei position is excellent, but Spaish fails to gain a victory at this point, the Saierda that guest field fights breaks even in the 72nd minute score, bilateral and final 1 than 1 have equal shares.

This field match, spaish shares shoot 9 times, wu Lei hits a ball 28 times, pass 2 ball, shoot 21 times, and have 1 times only throw a ball. He gets 6.9 minutes after contest, this one grading is ranked in the aggression team member of Spaish highest. Affirmation offers to Chinese player likewise after Spanish media is surpassed, say he is hit into the beautiful goal like variety. (reporter Zhou Xiao)

Original title: Wu Lei returns to dozen of full full-court, still performed " the goal responsibility like variety edits: Li Xiaoling


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